Plants need help


@Drinkslinger i have no idea about the water here yet…just moved here. Gonna look into it more. I was using tapwater from the beginning and in the 3rd week switch to just boiling the water


You should get a pH pen. One of the basics of growing marijuana is using the proper pH’d water/nutrients.

I can tell you this without a doubt. If you’re adding fox farms nutes to water it will drop the pH. You might not see any impact for the first few weeks, but eventually your plants are going to start showing all kinds of unhappy symptoms.

Read through these articles. It outlines a lot of fundamentals fairy well.


Online search will find $20 pen set for ph and ppm. Critical to know ph and ppm.

Soaking soil media will make bottom mud and drown roots. Change to min…2 gallon pots. Better 3.5. Best 5 gallon.

Next time: buy quality seeds from an established seller. All same strain.



Woke up today to my babys not lookin good now. 1 has yellow spots. Other 2 have bottom leafs turning yellow. They turned 2 weeks yesterday


I transplanted the first 3 to 5gallon. And put them under extra lights. They look happier


Yes, happier.

Although this looks interesting. Were the leaves like that before transplant?


Yep @Drinkslinger


Stop any nutes. Let’s see what she does in the next 7-10 days.


New growth looks good so I would continue with green nutes but every second water/feed so if your watering every 2 days then use plain water then the next time use nutes. Can you take better pics? Cut off those bottom leaves that are yellow.


Cut off the yellow leafs fron the new grow or the months old ones?


Where the bottom leaves are yellow cut them off


What is the pH of your runoff? This looks like lockout to me, specifically Phosphorus and Calcium, maybe some Molybdenum. I’d guess your pH is a little too low, from the looks of things.

You should invest in a decent pH pen, and either a reverse osmosis system or be ready to fight your tap water indefinitely. Otherwise, they look pretty good :+1:



After a week of transplanted …lookin better already. I got a ph tester found out water was high i lowered the ph. And added cal/mag ,grow big, and big bloom tested water and it was neutral. My question is since im using fox farm ocean soil should i still use fox nutes or let the soil work its magic alone without nutes?


I also transplanted all the new babys today since they out grew there cups so fast


Can i cut the yellow leafs off on the younger ones too?


I cut the leaves off when they become completely yellow. As for using nutrients in ff soil, I have no idea, never used it. But, I heard some types of ff has enough nutes in it for a month or so


Not unless you like looking at them


Fox Farms Ocean Forest is loaded with goodness. I wouldn’t feed until you see them ask for it. Or, just monitor the TDS of your runoff, and feed when you see it start to drop below where you want it. They look great, keep doing what you’re doing :+1: