Plants need help

I recently moved to hawaii. I threw 3 seeds in a cup after they sprouted i spilt them up into 3 pots after week. Now their a month old and 3days. I noticed their really small. And here its 12/12 lights outside all yr round. I bought some led lights for another batch of seeds i just popped and they make a week tomorrow. What i do is the sun comes up @6am and down by around 7pm. I bring them indoors under led light till around 12-12:30am at nite to get 18hrs 6 hrs dark. The question i have is should i also bring the month old 3 orginal plants indoors to the led light aswell? Or its too late and they been confused for the past month with the 12/12 sunlight? Or just let them stay outside till sept oct nov and see what happens?

Do you have any pics? What kind of soil? What strain are they, regular or autos? What ph is the h20 they get? Nutes? All this info and some is very valuable when asking questions. I’ve never moved from artificial and natural light so i cant answer to if thats causing any problems. It could be any number of these things or nothing at all. Send a pic out please…


Define “Small”. If you put seedlings in a big pot, they’re going to spend some time growing their root system and not much above ground. It’ll seem like they’ve stalled, then all of a sudden they just start growing like crazy. I wouldn’t worry too much about the first month or so as long as they look healthy. @monsterblackbass is right. A pic, under normal light, can give a lot of information.


I used jiffy organic soil. The seeds were from a zip i bought kid said it was g13. I really dont know if their reg or autos. The first 2 weeks i was giving straight faucet water. Then i noticed 1st leafs on bottom started turning yellow and drying. I started boiling the water letting it cool then would give it to plants next day or so… in the 3rd week after i transferd to their own pots i bought fox farms grow big and big bloom put 6 teaspoons and 2 teaspoons and shaked it in a gallon water started giving them. These new seedling i got in fox farm soil right now giving them 12hrs sun then 6hrs led light indoors. Just dont know what to do with the original 3. When i say smalll i mean like less then a foot i fig since they were only gettin 12hrs sun it stun their growth confuse them i water like evey 3days or when soil looks dry. 1 of the plants had leaf miners on it too @monsterblackbass @Drinkslinger

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If I where you, I’d go ahead and plant them in their final home. The bigger of them definitely need transplant soon


Use your common sense and if that fails Google the correct answer. Just keep trying different things until you developed your own way that works for you.

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Yeah, those aren’t terrible for 1 month.

It is time for a bigger pot.

I wouldn’t feed the seedlings any nutes.

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This brat is 6 weeks from sprout, today.

You’re good! :+1 :joy:

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Im i going to strong with the nutes? By puttin both in same gallon? And it says 6teaspoons and the other says 3teaspoons to every gallon

The very first “round” leaves will usually yellow and die off. If your lower fan leaves start looking yellow, ( not spotted or brown) the plant is asking for food.

This is fox farms nute schedule. Most people start out at 1/4-1/2 strength. I typically don’t feed seedlings, and am very cautious feeding until the plants are 6+ weeks old.

Make sure you check the pH of your solution AFTER you add the nutes. If you haven’t already purchased a pH pen do yourself a favor and get one.


Do it and watch for results should be great.

So this today. Not lookin good! Has to be the watering or nutes


All 3 of them look like they got something dif wrong with them…smh

Root bound and possibly too strong on the nutes. Time for a transplant. :+1:


@Drinkslinger im i supposed to be addin 2 dif nutes to same gallon?

They also said since i got a led light i should be gettin some cal/mag? Do i add that with the other 2 nutes in with gallon?

What have you done do far? I would start off with a transplant to bigger pot then maybe half normal amount per gal with one of the nutes then slowly increase over the nextvfew weeks until eventually your using full strength nutes in the same gal. Add pics of nutes

@Humanclone i used both of these in same gallon

1 of them said 6teaspoons the other said 2teaspoons

Use the green one but only half a teaspoon per litre of water so 1 and a half teaspoon per gallon next monday.

Let’s start at the beginning.
You’re using tap water, correct? Are you checking the pH with a reliable tool, and if so what is the pH of your water before adding nutes and what is it after adding the nutes, ( just before you water the plant)?

Do you know if your water is from a well, or is it city/ municipal water? Is it treated with chlorine or chloramine?