Plants need help. Can't figure out what's wrong

This is my second year growing and I did things a little differently than previous years. Everything looked great until about a month ago which I think may have been due to either N and/or K toxicity. I fed distilled water only for the next 3 feedings and reintroduced nutrients again this past feeding. They were also in a greenhouse but I took them out of it a couple of days ago. The leaves are drooping heavily and the leaves underneath are yellowing/browning and dying. Any feedback would be appreciated.

Strain; Type, Bag seed, or NA: 9 different strains

Soil in pots, Hydroponic, or Coco? Soil

System type? Not sure what this means

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? Ranges between 5.8 and 6.2 for most of them

What is strength of nutrient mix? Its General Organics line; Bio Grow, Bio Root, Diamond Nectar, Bio Weed, and pH Up. I started with their “light feeding” recommendation and then upped to “heavy feeding” this last time. TDS going in is around 400. TDS of runoff ranges around 500-600 for half of them and around 1200 for the other half.

Indoor or Outdoor: Outdoor

Light system, size? NA

Temps: Day: 80 / Night: 60

Humidity: Day: 40% / Night: 60%

Ventilation system: No

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier: None

Co2: No


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Thanks for getting the support ticket filled out.

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Any suggestions/feedback?

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Definitely needs water asap.


It does look like some nute burn in the first pic.

At first I thought that it was over watered. Covertgrower indicates that it’s under watered. Maybe it is. If the pots feel light to you, maybe a little water and foos will perk them back up.

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I would start, with straight water, nothing fancy. Water slowly and completely. Your soil may be hygrophobic, meaning when you water, the soil does not except it easily and much of the water may be escaping bybthe side of the pot. Ensure good saturation, that does not mean flood the shit out of them. Water, wait a bit water some more, wait a bit water some more etc. If you dont see an improvement in plant turgidity after an hour or so we may need to address a different issue. The leaves should jack up in a half hour or so.
Now if it was me I would let my water stand outside in the shade overnight to temperature adjust. Then check the ph for giggles. If its close enough for the girls you hang out with begin watering. Also, if at all possible, water early in the day and dont water the leaves.

holy crap, I could use a hand cleaning out the inside of my plants! Theyve expanded so much in the last few days they are leaving me im the dust! I had to pinch some branches back because they were choking out a tomato plant and the damn things grew 6 inches in 4 days! I stink like weed real bad!

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I agree with @Covertgrower. Looks like she needs water.

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They look dehydrated, and add some H2Os to your water, 1-2 tblspns a gallon