Plants look bad could use help.. 1st Grow

Strain; bag seed

Soil In Pots- FFOF

Ph Of Runoff Or Solution In Reservoir? 6.47

What Is Strength Of Nutrient Mix? Ec, Or Tds
Not at the moment
Indoor Or Outdoor- indoor

Light System, Size?
1000w led actual draw 185w, have 600 hps ipower on the way.
Temps; highighest peak 77 lowest 64

Humidity; 70 firm
Ventilation System; Yes, 1 INLINE FAN 1 outgoing ventilation with crabon filter

Ac, Humidifier, De-humidifier,- none,

Co2; -No

Ok i have a problem going on and im not sure what it is ive checked chart etc and no luck. On the pictures you ull see how lifless the plant looks and how saggy the leaves are. Idk what is wrong anymore. Like i said ive checked charts, ph, etc, (i dont have ppm meter yet have one on the way.) From what ive seen, i might be underwatering the plants but, seen it could be a mixture of underwater and hot soil. I started these in jiffy germ pods could that be an issure? Ive seen people on here use them with good success however, Ive also been warned that the FFOF might be to hot for weeklongs. Idk need help slightly lost at his point and i just got my WW AF 10 +10 so i want to get this right before i place them in soil. And does anyone know about puttin seedling in forever home right away rather do that with my WW AF.

These two are the same plant the first one was taken on the 15th the second was 6:35am. Managed to fix the problem by csimply adding water till slight run off. Problem is the rest are following down the same bad path. The leaves feel dry and stiff almost like plastic. Heres the rest of the crew… please help i know im a noob but i love my babies already and its so much fun to grow i love it but id be crushed if they died…

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When was the last time you watered them

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Last night at 11:17 till slight run off. Tested run off at ph 6.47. I use distilled water tested at 6.7 but my soil runs around a 5.9 with the run off we got 6.47.

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How long between watering.

Depends on soil ive been keeping it dry…maybe a little too dry as the FF drys pretty quickly. Started off misting only with no run off. Did 1st water with run off last night. I check on them in an hr. I try to stay out of tent as much as poss. Ill add new pics of each but it will have a red spec tent to it from led. Had a slight fungus gnat problem but got neem oil and fly traps, and from what ive seen its cleared.

Sorry i havent put up pictures yet, been working all day i should have new ones up in about an hour.

Foxfarm soil might be wonderful for vegging and flowering your girls but man that stuff is gnarly for seedlings

Yea see ive been seeing yes and nos about fox farm for seedlings. I was told id be ok because of the jiffy germ pod with the potting soil in it. I guess they thought that the roots wouldnt reach in to the FF before the right age and it hurt the plant. I cant find any nute problem from any charts tho, think thats why im stessing so bad since i started germ last night for 4 WW AF, really want these to thrive on my first grow. I would be ok with loosing the bag seed but id lile to keep them as well. Are there any problems i should be aware of mixing the WW AF with the bag seeds in the same tent. I know about the males if any could turn my AFs into hermies. If start a journal could you guys chime in from time to time to help with problems and telling the sex of plant? Im really worried about reading the sex correctly.

i would personally just flush them through… clearly its not a PH balance as you have checked it so in my opinion i’d say its getting to much nutes to early flushing out may rid some of the :poop: literally out of it maybe!!!

Sorry that posted before i was finished. And a flush? I can do that for sure. Do you think a flush before adding the WW AFs in their home.

sorry flush is a poor choice of words… just give them PH’d water and wait for a TIDY run off… but wouls let them dry off then before replanting them should always let them dry up a little before planting that way she is hungry when she gets planted and roots go on a mission

Ok thats cool i have to water tonight anyways. What about seedlings going straight into there forever home? If i water correctly they should be ok right? Pretty scared for transplanting dont know much about it even tho ive read tons lol.

with auto flowers going straight into their forever home straight away is good… she has limited time and don’t want to waste any of her grow time with stress or rooting down in a smaller pot then rooting down again in a bigger pot

personally i use a piece of copper pipe at the beginning sunk 6inches deep into the coco in my case and funnel feed through that until they have rooted down enough to be bottom feed obviously if the forever home is outside in the wild then that’s a different thing


Here is a couple of new pics from this morning. no sign of any real change yet ill check this evening to see if there is any change.

As mentioned FF Ocean Forrest is a little strong for seedlings. I’ve used it for seedlings and had small problems to start as well. Nothing my plants couldn’t push thru and all ended up fine.

Mostly I just wanted to mention not to use nutes for 4 weeks or so when using Ocean Forest. The soil should be fine by itself up to or close to flowering.

My current seedlings are in a 60/40 mix of FF Light Warrior and Ocean Forest. Since you have auto’s and often people don’t want to transplant them, you can “layer” soil in the pot with seedling soil on top and the FF Ocean forest at the bottom 1/2. Just an idea for your next grow.

Good luck!

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Yea they seem to be pushing through it pretty well. At first i was really worried because they got weak really quick it took the 1st one two days to spring back, but now shes looking a little weak again but that was beforr water so we shall see. And type of seedling mix be ok?

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Just be sure to not overwater, super easy to do. They don’t need or want much water to start.

I wouldn’t use “any” seedling soil. I stay away from anything with time release fertilizer, like Miracle-Gro. I like FF products. I might use Happy Frog to start next run, then into Ocean Forest on transplant (non-auto’s). I think @bob31 and some others use Happy Frog.

One other thing to keep in mind for future use… Just because it looks like soil, doesn’t mean it is… Example, Light Warrior has no dirt in it so it’s not soil (soilless). Therefore, requires a different PH than soil.

Yea that was my biggest fear from the start was over watering which then caused me to underwater. I think thats the problem tho, my under watering plus soil thats too hot for seedlings. Thanks for the help too i will run to the store tomorrow to hunt down decent soil for the seedlings have to work today.

OH do you guys see any sign of stretching. I was worried with the 1000w LED bc it draws only 185. I have a 600w HPS that should be here by monday.

@Matthew420 so if you mixed the soils (60/40) what ph should your water be?