Plants look and grow different same strain auto flower

I bought white widow auto flower seeds here germinated and sprouted April 1st. Harvested just this the plants never had any smell. Nor ddi they when dry they don’t smell now either while curing. Some of the plants were short and only grew one bud straight up. Others grew big branches. Some dark green some lighter green. None smell all grown under 2 400 watt. 1 hps and 1 metal halide. And a 600 hps. Grown in peat a perlite . Using grigo Rasta nutes.

I got 5 wwa outside and are all growing different


All of mine reak
They stink to high heavens

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I’ve grown two of the same seed stock and had two totally different plants. One was bushy and had no smell. The other is long, lean and smells like a roadkill possum. @growit, this plant I’ve spoken to you about is still not finished. Blows my mind. Gets fatter and fatter. I’d still like you to mentor me one the cure when complete. If it ever does.

Some of what I harvested is curing now. But still no dank stink like I’d want. The craziest is I still have 8 going and they’re way behind . 2 are litterally are still in veg which is crazy almost 4 months in.

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Did you use any type of soil in your medium?

I grew in peat and perlite with some work castings. Feed them nutes from gringo Rasta products. Wanted fox farm but they didn’t have it at the time. Some had some smell if you rubbed them but nothing special. This wasn’t my first grow either. I’ve been growing for 20 years off and on. Don’t get me wrong I got some big buds. But no smell

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You could teach me a think or two. I just know by past experience, pot loves soil. The FFOF is a great soil mixed with perlite.

You guys are right about the difference between plants. None of my ww auto’s have a strong smell either as of yet. Here are two plants from the same lot of seeds.

The first pic the plant was just put in the ground with super soil for nutrients. The second is grown in a regular organic soil mix with digested cow manure, super soil and plenty of space. I was expecting a two foot plant.

I don’t get it. These plants are supposed to be 40/40/20 plants but some show more like indica , and some more like sativa. The no smell gets me too. The ones that were shorter actually had some smell but only if you rubbed them.

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