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I have a question about the top of my soil. I am growing with Coast of Maine stonington blend. I top dress with dr earth products and compost teas. The top has formed a hard mass, microbial mass? I don’t want to disturb it by mixing in the top dress amendments right? I have a nice little bit of fungus growing which I know is good. But something tells me I don’t want to mess up that nice mass of nature doing its thing right?


I can’t answer your question. But I think @Deez uses or used coast of Maine. If not will probably be able to point you in the right direction. (He will be notified since I tagged him)

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Oh a thought. If it’s a white webbed growth then I do know most super soils recommend scooping it off and replacing it with fresh soil. But mix it back into the remaining soil (in the bag not the pot). You don’t really want that particular one growing on top. It’s good friends with gray mold (bud rot). But it’s part of most super soils. Including fox farms. Got two of my girls first grow. Threw away 40% of two small plants. What disaster that grow was.

The fungus is from the mycorrhizae that I have top dressed with in the dr earth. Your saying i need to remove it? That doesn’t sound right. But my main question is the firm bonded soil top of the soil. Do I break that up or continue to let it bond and grow

I think what you’re describing is the soil being held tightly together with all the feeder roots at the top of the soil. I hav the same thing. Don’t disturb them if you don’t have to, just top dress above. Take in lightly

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Thank you, that’s what I was thinking. Seamed like the plant was working hard to create it and I didn’t want to mess it up by trying to dig my top dressing into the soil. Appreciate the feedback from both of you guys

Fungi is a sign of healthy soil. If your soil was caked in salt based fertilizer you’d never see that because it’s not a healthy environment for living things. Natural soil is, and the fact that you’re seeing active fungi means your soil is a living ecosystem.

As for the top layer of soil, break up the top 2-3 inches. It’s ok. When you top dress you should be doing that anyway - work your earthworm castings or whatever else you’re top dressing with into the top 2-3 inches.

Thanks so much man. Always appreciate the advice. I wana make sure I get those nutes where I need em seeing as how long they take to break down. Just didn’t know enough and didn’t wana mess up a good thing. I’ll gently loosen next top dress.

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Gentle is the key word there but yeah you’ll break some little roots up on the surface in the process and that’s ok.

For your soil to be at its healthiest it needs water and the stratification of the top layer is only gonna make it more difficult to fully wet your soil.

You putting molasses in your teas? If not, start. Your microbes will loooove it

Yes sir! I give them a Tbs per gallon every other watering. My soil tends to stay wet for about 4-5 days so it I don’t have to water that often. I’m in 3 gallon fabric, autoflower day 42 from sprout. I ran into mag issues early but has since been getting better with the alfalfa and castings. How are they looking?

Let it grow. Post a pic.

Does it look like the one I’m growing here?

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Looks great! And sounds like you’ve got a solid plan you’re executing. Keep on keepin on :sunglasses:

Thanks again man. Always nice to have fellow growers in your corner.

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