Plants leaning completely over

A question from a fellow grower:

I have a question on two of my plants leaning completely over.
we didn’t top these plants, they just keep growing and have gotten really close to the light source. We believe it’s heat stress. Our smaller ones did the exact same thing, but after a day or so, they were back to normal. These haven’t done much since discovering them like this. We moved them out of the direct path of the light, we’re just waiting for them to bounce back, but it has only been two days. I just don’t know exactly why this is happening. It’s trying to get away from the light, I believe.

looks like it stretched too much when it was younger,… I would just slip a stake into the soil and tie the plant to it for support… if it is leaning right where it meets the ground either your grow medium is too loose or your root ball is weak…
either way… support the plant

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It’s top heavy so it fell over. You’ll have to add supports like @oak said. If you don’t support her well she will continue to fall over. Also, it’s definitely stressful to the plants!

I had a problem like you are having and the roots were lifting up as well. I carefully and slowly supported it with a metal rod and used an old pair of stockings to tie it to the stake. Use something that has give and is wider than string. Then tighten a little each day until she is upright. I added some soil and she loved it.

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I just noticed that you have a metal handle on your bucket. You might be able to get away with tying it to the are where the handle meets the bucket. Only concern with that approach is that I would tie higher. I located an area on the main stem that would support the stocking.

Well for one thing you didn’t have a fan on them from the start to mimick wind this helps there stems to grow thick and strong to support weight later in flower.

Your lights were to high so they stretched big time.
And your heat was high and cause’s them to to stress.
Thuss you’ll have small yeild and not much of an high.

Here in s a link to the Grow Bible everything you need to help you grow and get started is in the book. And its free.

I added three other sites hope they help


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We have not one but 2 fans on the plants at all times. We also have the lamps suspended by chains and have adjusted them accordingly and kept them just inches from the plants based on the amount of heat from the lamps. All the plants are bursting with buds and are weighing the stems down so the yield at this point is large and based on the amount of tris and overall health of the plants I have no doubt the highs will be high. Thinking it was a heat and weight situation further exacerbated by the plants not being tresseled.