Plants Laying on their side

So its week three (3) of flowering and I wake up to two of my plants laying on their sides.

I also found one of my circulation fans had power fluctuated off.

I checked the Ph, PPm’s and Water Temp and all is normal. They looked very perky when I put them to bed.

I can only assume that the lower stems just haven’t grown enough to support them and the wind change caused more direct air on them causing them to fall.

I set them back up and tied support strings in all directions to prevent falling.

Has anyone had this happen? Is this a problematic sign or have I made the correct assumption?

Since I have some leaves dying which I have read is normal during this stage, I still wonder and worry when something like this occurs.

Your comments are welcomed. Thanks in Advance. :slightly_smiling_face:


They are getting heavy and fall over from weight.

Tie them up as you have done is the solution.

I use plant yoyos.


Yup, ditto the yo-yo’s but you can use stakes and gardening ties too. They will be just fine. My last grow I literally had every cola yo-yo’d up


God bless paracord lol