Plants killers Trial, how to avoid it!

Many beginner growers make mistakes causing the loss of many plants. This is discouraging indeed and can yield dissatisfaction and sometimes giving up.

For experts and non experts growers:

  1. How many plants/seeds did you kill?
  2. What were the main causes?
  3. Suggestions to avoid main issues.

Tag whoever you want to participate.


I haven’t killed too many, but I have tortured quite a few.

I had lots of problems with germinating in the beginning. I was overwatering.
I problems with plants slowly looking unhealthy. Then I found out about pH.
I grew huge outdoor plants that looked amazing, but tasted pretty bad. Then I stopped using miracle grow soil.


hundreds died, indirectly lol, I didnt kill em, cops did and deer and thieves. On the plus side they werent all my plants either, it was a we thing. However, I have lost MY plants to thieves and deer.

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How many plants/seeds did you kill?

I’ve allegedly killed flowering plants too early, before their fruits were ripe, and I suppose that’s the worst way to kill a plant. The worst mistake isn’t to kill a plant, especially a seedling. Young plants don’t represent a significant investment of time and money. But I think the worst thing you can do is torture a plant with suboptimal conditions. For example, if you grow 10 plants in a 4x4’ tent with a 150w HPS or “1000w LED”, an air conditioner, an expensive charcoal filter, expensive genetics, and pricey “cannabis specific” nutrients. That one shortcut might cost you $1000 and four months to yield next to nothing.

What were the main causes?

Ignorance, impatience, and/or neglect. Some seedlings just aren’t meant to live, but usually unintended premature plant death is caused by the three things I mentioned.

Suggestions to avoid main issues

It’s good to follow advice, but also ask “why am I doing this?” repeatedly. Ask it 5x about the same root issue. Why do I prefer this brand? Because I trust them. Why do I trust them? Because other people recommend their products. Are other brands working for other people? Yes. Are those brands a better or worse value in some way? You see how this works.

Map out your plan on a calendar ahead of starting. Look for conflicts with family plans and work. On a micro level, come up with SOPs for major and minor tasks. Print them. Follow them. Checklists are great if you can follow them. Create small rewards for following your to do list.

Grow a variety of crops, and practice germination on other things. If you can get elderberries to germinate, cannabis becomes a cakewalk. And if you can make hundreds of your own seeds to practice with, that’s even better.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to kill plants. Like I mentioned before, the worst thing you can do is waste time and money on a sickly harvest. Sometimes you’re better off with a fresh start.


I’ve lost my fair share.

Clone carnage

Seedling stutters

Unwatered uoopse

Germination give up
I’ve even had my significant other rage smashed my grow
So far this is the farthest I’ve gotten a plant and it hermit

But I wouldn’t give up.


I killed dozens or maybe even hundreds of plants in the early days, there was no internet, no real information, everything was trial and error, mostly error. At least the seeds were cheap, you got hundreds in every dime bag. LOL

I suggest newbies take on a mentor and follow their guidance thru their first grow, will get you a successful harvest on the first try. Avoid taking a little info here, a little advise there, sure recipe for disaster, like too many cooks in the kitchen problem.


Thanks for the tag ! I’ll start off by saying seedlings has tested my patience pretty good Killed my share. We all want them to grow fast but that is not the way it goes. Back when I was growing outside in the ground doing a lot of things right. But would still end up with plants with spots on the leafs or showing problems. The picture become real clear for me when I started growing in pots inside or outside and checking my run off . And making adjustments accordingly pH and PPM. Better control.


One thing, the 100% ilgm guaranty is great! I had some harlequin that never cracked, they replaced them and sent some freebies that aren’t on the site.

We should sue Cops, deer and thieves for you :joy:

Thanks for the infos!

Remember that also @Hellraiser was a bad grower once LMAO :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Long live ILGM unfortunately not available here…

I am slowly getting my set up started. 2x2 tent led full spectrum mars hydro. Still have a lot of things I need to only gonna do 1 at a time. Is it OK to germinate seeds 1 at a time as I don’t want to germinate any that I don’t plant. So 1 at a time is ok if I have the patience? I wanna grow better not more. Im a noob!


I like sprouting mine 1 at a time so I KNOW what plant is which! Also helps stagger harvest so trimming hand gets rest.

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Thank you! I prefer to get better at growing before I even think about doing more at a time. Quality over quantity :ok_hand:

It is always better to get started with 1 or 2 plants as a beginner. You will get the hand to manage many plants the next grows and will be more relaxed.

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