Plants keep growing, no sign od buds after 9 weeks

this is my 2nd crop. I have 4 plants and suspect I have over fertilized . They are in soil and I used the hydoponic fertilizers that came with the grow lab i bought. these are autoflowers-blueberry and strawberry and are almost 4 ft high and “leggy”. Should I cut them back? i have stopped fertilizing (except for a little potassium I add 1 time a week to stimulate flowering. These plants are on a 12-12 LED light cycle since 10 days ago before that it was 18 hours of light a day -was that too much? (My first crop was fine -then I upgraded soil AND added fertilizer. Dont know what to do. What if I reduced light even more to 10 hrs aday? Can this crop even be saved? Any and all suggestions are appreciated. Thank you

Need a picture to help us help you. Also fill out a support ticket. Thank-you

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Pics? I would suspect you possibly have a light leak, low intensity lighting, or another number of things. Otherwise you should be seeing pistils for sure any day now.

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And if all of the above is good, reduce your light schedule to 10/14 which should immediately stimulate flower.

Sounds to me like they are just going through the stretch. I’m thinking you should see pistols in the next 4-5 days.

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Autoflowers! Never mind

Thanks for the reply, but no light leaks - it is a grow ace kit with a relatively new MAX s540 LED Panel, and I had good results with a previous crop too, I took the tallest plants out to take a picture-they are growing in the tent. I was wondering if this has happenned to anyone else. After 9 weeks they should be budding. are over fertilized

Kinda looks like it’s showing flowers? Plant looks severely stretched though.

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My white widow auto didn’t flower after 60 days until I brought my lights down to 112/12