Plants indoor to outdoor to indoor

Any advice on bringing plants back and forth between indoor and outdoor, on nice days, and then back inside when it gets dark/cold until the summer?

I have them in partial shade to avoid shock. The qbs i use dont penetrate well so im seeing the lower leaves become fragil.


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@Myfriendis410 used to take his plants in and out before he went Hydro. It can be done… just watch for bringing bugs back inside :v::bear:


Cool beans.

Ones going to harvest soon. The others i can neem oil all over.

Eventually i will take clones off of them and bring those outside. And flower the mothers.


I do and I get to futz with the plants when I do; makes me feel special haha.

I’m glad I did a hydro run this time as I didn’t get ANY sun this winter. My girls would have been inside anyway.

I just dropped 4 autos thanks to @Not2SureYet: Gorilla Glue, Northern Lights, RQS Diesel and Green Crack. Those are going to be 100% outdoor plants after they veg inside for 6 or 8 weeks, Soil.


Futz how?

Awesome on the hydro and autos!


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I get to pick em up, smell em, carry em around the yard, tweak them etc. The hydro: go out, stick a meter or two in my reservoir, record the numbers, add 3 gallons of R/O water and come back in 24 hours. Can’t really move them, can’t do much except keep my environmentals in the sweet spot.


DWC/RDWC is downright boring. Sucks to just have to look into my tent and do NOTHING on a daily basis.:clown_face:


I love playing with my girl. It has a calming effect


I have not figured out how to just ask a question straight out but this is in topic if you dont mind me asking? Will the difference in lighting effect the gals gowing from a grow light to the sun light? I just see an opprotunity to indulge in the sunlight and at the same time save a few watts in the house. Thanks in advance.