Plants in veg need help watering?

I’m growing indoor using all green gro organic top dress and other products from them. Plants are in fox farm ocean forest with worm castings added. which I think is causing more wet soil and taking longer to dry out. I was feeding or watering every 3 days now it’s pushing 6 days and still not ready to feed .
I just don’t want to over water and mess this round up , which has been my issues in the past .
Any growers know if I should just wait till the leaves start to droop to know it’s ready for water or feeding . My plants are still pointing up or flat.
Thanks again
Thanks for the help

Also is it ok to push it to over a week or what ever many days it takes to dry out again?

What I like to do is water a day before the droop happens. I use my index finger and my thumb, I’ll pinch the top of the pot with little pressure and try to lift it, when it’s really heavy after watering I can’t even get the one side of the pot off the ground, my fingers just slip off. Do this everyday you’ll notice the weight change, that same amount of pressure pinching the pot will now lift it off the ground, once it’s easy to lift it’s time to water.

I only water this plant when the pot is light, it’s in a 5 gallon and I’m watering every 6 days right now. Some say not to let the organic dry out because it kills the beneficial bacteria and what not, but I don’t like to water my plant every other day, She’s doing just fine, looks heathy and the microbes seem to be breaking down the food for her, so who knows. Everyone has their own way just you just gotta find what works for you.

There is a smaller plant to the right of the big one in the picture.