Plants in attic space

A question from a fellow grower:

So here’s my situation I have an attic space about 5 ft tall and 6ft wide and about 10 feet long but I’m only using 6ft of it. But what I was wondering was if I use a 600w hps and 600mh one for veg and one for flowering how many plants should I have in my space to get the best yield. I will most likely be using the scrog method. Another thing what is the best way to to get good seeds with good genetics??? I can’t wait to hear from you thanks

Hi, I have always had good success purchasing seeds from reputable sellers. Just have to do a little homework and check reviews. The chances of having a good crop from purchased seeds is good and from these growing through a cycle you will learn that all plants are individuals and have some variance. Phenotypes are genetics/traits passed down from parent plants and usually show a growth difference.
Hybrid seeds often have a dominate trait. One will be tall and the other short. Sativa or indica. Out of ten purchased seeds I will find two or three that I really like, the others will produce good smoke , just not be exceptional. This year for me it’s going to be Gold leaf purchased from this site. I have heard enough reviews to have confidence.

Hope this helps

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