Plants have yellow/orange specks on.leaves plleeaasse help


I was last year same problemwith my New grow room and where i grow in. I put styrofoam on walls. Before i have 95%humi,all my humi measure items broke when over nights. Now i have mid 40.

And wery good air dryer is space heaters 1000/2000 w 10 bucks. First year i dry air with that. Not directly on grow room because things heat up fast, but this was best air drier what i found. But its heats up things :grin:


Thanls for your insight, unfortunately my partner would kill me if I did that.

Luckily last night the lights off temp was 21 degrees and RH was between 48-60 which is ok I believe…i had the little oil heater running during lights off to lessen the Temp fluctuation, seems to have worked for now, but found a little brown midge on one of my plants this morning, going to bring out the Neem oil and soap I think then go on the hunt haha.