Plants have continued to grow in the vegetative stage to date without ANY signs of budding

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

These seeds (ChemDawg) were planted February 18 indoors with LCD grow lights on 18 hours a day and dark 6 hours. and replanted outdoors in large planter mid to late April. They have continued to grow in the vegetative stage to date without ANY signs of budding (see attached pictures). I have used Fish Emulsion fertilizer throughout the vegetative phase and started using Fox Farm Tiger Bloom over the past two weeks attempting to initiate flowering. Why is plant not flowering after this extended period and what do I need to do force it…according to all I have seen ChemDawg should have bloomed long ago.


If its a photo plant and outside it wont begin to flower until the days shorten. Autos grow on a time limit. Photos grow but daylight hours. When the amount of sun is around 12 hours she will flip on her own.


However, if you have a space available that is void of sunlight you can force them into flowering. Like you I start my first grow of the season sprouting seedlings indoors. Mid to late April when the weather is more favorable I place them outside. Around early June I start my second seedling grow outdoors and my first grow gets tucked away in my storage shed. Only to limit their light cycle to 12hrs a day, this begins the flowering cycle for my first grow. The second grow I just let do their own thing outdoors till about mid October. This is how I get two grow period in a single season ( I only grow 2 plants at a time due to limitations for each period).


Dude!!! That is amazingly simple but ingenius! Crafty little horticulturist you are. +1 like


I’d like to take the credit but I actually learned this technique a couple years ago from ILGM. I have limited area to grow (residential neighborhood) and a couple of plants a year was just not fulfilling my needs. But 4 plants and two separate cycles was just perfect. The key is to find out your perfect grow periods and take advantage of early flowering.


It appears that the days are not short enough to provide the necessary dark period which would induce flowering. Be patient. One of the learning processes of growing outdoors. Less control. :slight_smile:


If it’s not too hot, you could fashion a tent over her and use blackout cloth to simulate longer nights, shorter days.

I follow the same process however I do 4 indoors & 7 monster croppers outdoors. My 4 are in the final month of flower and my monsters have just truly began to stretch back into veg. Stage.


What happen with this bro?? @PurpNGold74

This is a photoperiod plant will only flower outside when the seasons change. Doesnt matter the date u planted it. Well. The sooner u start the bigger your plant. But if the customer shows up today this would be a 6-8 foot MONSTER. And flowering like heck. Like smells everywhere

Couldent FF

FF?? What do u mean?

Sorry Force flower but then again I wouldn’t and you said it’s a customers ?? @PurpNGold74

Yes. Someone bought seeds from ILGM. N had questions. They askd the site. And @ILGM.Zoe (who is oretty awesome) referred there question here for the ‘experts’ to help. They may or may not have joined after. But this is a dead thread