Plants have a lot of leaves

A question from a fellow grower:

I have started some new plants they r doing great but seem to be a lot of leaves can I take some off they r only about 2-3 weeks old

Absolutely not…just let them grow…why would you want to take leaves off a 3 week old plant/

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Just new to this and wasn’t sure

Only the lower , very bottom leaves , but don’t cut the solar panels off that are used for the plant photosynthesis process .

These plants are thriving! Why would you want to cut leaves off that in turn shock the plant and cause the plant to spend energy healing itself instead of thriving?

If I decide to remove lower foliage; It is not until a couple weeks before flower, the plant is stronger, and it is best to remove the under foliage before inducing flower photo period.

Baby he asking can he topped , and train them , but Latewood that’s very true !!!