Plants growing at different rates

So I germinated and planted 2 Blue Haze seeds at the same time in the same soil, same light ect. but one is growing much faster then the other. Any thoughts on why?

Probably just a different phenotype.
Same as no 2 kids are the same even tho from the same parents.

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just the way it goes some times, genetics and all, happens a lot…


good y’all… I was thinking it couldn’t be anything major but I wanted to be sure :slight_smile:

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@kristidc83 I will supercrop the taller stuff to try and slow it down and let the others catch up. So your canopy will stay flat or at least flatter

Agree with them, 2 different phenos more than likely and its definitely not uncommon. Mine usually dont go at the same exact rate

each seed is a roll of the dice. most are the expected. some are not.
not a big deal, just variation in the mix. Fairly common