Plants got cold

Plants got cold the other night, forgot to turn the heat on. Now they look like they’re dying. I’ve tried everything I know. What do I do?


There’s nothing to be done but support them until they recover. They don’t look bad. It might take several days for them to bounce back. Give them time.


Same thing happened to mine when I had to hide them for a night in my basement. Took a few days but they were fine. She actually doesn’t look that bad. I think u will b ok.
Edit : not sure if u just watered but they also look very wet which will cause heavy leaves and drooping. Let them dry out at least a knuckle deep before watering.

I agree. They’re going to bounce back after your misstep. Mine caught an unexpected cold snap recently and are doing fine now.

It may stunt them a little as they build back stronger in response to the stress, but they are young enough that you shouldn’t encounter any problems.

You don’t want stress like that in flower, but in veg you will be fine…

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How cold did they ?
You should be fine
Ive had plants outside that lived threw 40 degree temps :wink: just give them some time to recover

They got to 52f.
The leaves look horrible. :frowning:

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52 is chilly but not cold they will recover
Did you have any issues prior to this ?
Is it just that one leaf

Now you will learn how resilient these girls can be! They have a nice healthy color, which shows they are strong.


My plants are in a location that stays 63° constant. My sprout and clone room is 59°. My veg. Tent room is 71° with humidity of 54-74%. They don’t die growth slows. They won’t stunt. As plants get taller temps rise. Warm leaves generate heat. Below 53° you’ll get pinched but let it recover
She will be fine.

This isn’t the only leaf that looks like this. There’s a few others.

I’m glad to hear that. :slight_smile:

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52 is nothing. My plants deal with nights in the low 40’s all the time. As long as they don’t freeze, all you get is slow growth while they are cold.

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Mate that dont look bad at all just warm em up thay be right

Lost the plants. Problem ran much deeper. Fungus gnats. By the time I realized what it was, the roots were gone. I’m disappointed, but I’ve learned. I now have four empty pots. :frowning:

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Oh, no! I’m so sorry, @CMcKinnon25. Don’t feel too bad, it happens to all of us. Lesson learned, now you know for your next grow.

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Yellow sticky pads and a fan blowing over the surface of the soil will help. Food grade diatemaceous earth can also help.

I’ve started putting a think layer of perlite on the surface to see if that will help. I haven’t noticed them like I used to, but the jury is still out on how effective that will be.

Don’t give up…


Dam @CMcKinnon25 treat for nates asap next grow should you have them again
The larvae eat the root system bud
I swutchbto promix bx and haven’t seen a nate since
In organic soil they are common letting the soil dry out well between waterings and feeds helps keep them at bay and sticky traps and food grade De is also work great in destroying those little buggers
Hahaha just noticed you post the same @FloridaSon

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Just trying to pay it forward…


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