Plants getting worse day after day

I start notice this after 48 hours darkness(force flowering) watering is good, i use tds for nutrients, temp between 22 to 26 degree , humidity between 40 to 55.
everything was good then i switch light to 12 12 for 2 weeks the plants didnt show sex so i turn off the light for 48 hours then the probleme show up when the light is on again. the next day i picture them like that getting worse in just 2 days

Do you pH your water? You can always do a slurry test to see what is happening in the soil if that is what you are in.

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What type of soil do you use ?
What is the ph of the water/nutrient solution going in?
What is the ph of the water coming out the bottom of the pot?
What type of rocks are those ?
Limestone will raise your ph

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Ph and ppm are stable always 6.7 ph 600-900 ppm i have start flowering 12/12 and the sex does not show up my friend told me to turn off the light 48h and after that i face this problem. Thank you

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I train plant with whool is that gonna make anything?

What is WHOOL ???

got too much nutes …or…ph is so damn far off is killing plant.

those rocks are not doing anything good. Why have them there?


I have never heard of going to darkness then go into flower cycle i don’t know everything either but usually your darkness is for the end of flower and then you cut it down and harvest.
I Have had a couple expensive lessons with not calibrating your ph meter it needs to be done weekly or every 10 days or at least check with the reference solution. I want to say that whool would be similar to coco and ph is alot lower in that medium than soil. I do not go into flower until I see a white hair coming out of the stalks but that’s just me.

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Wool thread for training and yes they are dying this happened in 1 days ph and nutrients level is stable, weird thing.those rocks just for watering placed in the top. Thank you

When you say 6.7 and 600 to 900 Ppm, is that what is going into the soil or what is coming out in the runoff

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Wool thread for training not in soil. the soil is a mix of red black and poting soil. everything was good then i switch light to 12 12 for 2 weeks the plants didnt show sex so i turn off the light for 48 hours then the probleme show up when the light is on again. the next day i picture them like that getting worse in just 2 days

Not being rude…but…the stunted smaller leaves shows this is an ongoing issue. Not a overnite happening.

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i would take those rocks out right away. check your ph and ppm runoff. and make sure u arent overwatering

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Ok I’m not following you on the whool thread is just for training
I’m guessing it’s in soil with a whool pad on top of the soil
What type of soil did you use like a name brand or just dirt that you added red pea rocks to


Reference your ph meter with the calibrate solution to see if it off this is a very common thing with ph meters

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I’m thinking wool thread for tie downs.

This looks like nute burn. It could be too hot soil, too high a tds value with nutes, a ph departure or other.

Your plant will likely be in deep trouble if you don’t lower the nutrient load in your plant. A flush may be in order.


If you’re ph meter is right and checks out good with your reference solution i would definitely flush the plant like @Myfriendis410 suggests

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Lessen to me ok …your plants look real bad and if you want to save them than do this ok other wise you’ll better off starting over, because there just getting way to worse, but you can save them if you go and get some clean potting soil and worm castings some liquid thrive and hydrogen peroxide…
Transplant then them into the clean soil with the worm castings and don’t worry about how much worm casting to add because they lov the stuff and it won’t harm them at all.
When you go to transplant and have everything ready gently take the plants out and remove any soil on the roots by dipping them into a cup of water and then place in the new soil then add , Well first mix using a gal of p h water at 6.5 add 1/2 a cap full of liquid thrive and 2 cap full’s of peroxide stir real good and give the plant a good shot and then cover the roots good and give her another shot of water mix.
in 3 to 5 days you’ll be back on track and your plant will reward you and after 8 to 10 new growth will start showing and maybe even sooner.
But that’s all up to you and I know what i’m talking about. " BEEN THERE AND DONE THAT "


I know I have. Maybe not that bad, but I’ve mistreated a few girls by doing things I shouldn’t have to them. Even lost a couple. Hopefully @Ghassan will listen. You may not know it but your advice has saved my ass several times.


Thank you man but yes its it happened in 2 days today is the 3rd day look at the pictures down its not a natrient or ph probleme or any common probleme

Thank you garrigan i will do your advise but i have some questions i appreciate ur help. I switch light to 12 12 for 2 weeks no sex signs after 2 weeks i put them in 48 h dark periode when the lights is on first day the plants was not happy like sick the second day the plants are like in the pics above today i will send you the pictures. it s not a problem in my set at all, not ph problem i checked yesterday and not nutrients i couldnt post yesterday “begginer limite on the website” . Its not my first time that i plant but this probleme is so weird so fast i apperciate if you can told me what really happened. Pooting soil alone is a good soil choice all time or just in my case? Thank you so much