Plants getting too tall, suggestions?

So this is my current situation…

As you can see, she’s gotten tall lol. Short version is this was my runt, she had all sorts of issues and I probably should have pulled her early and started another but I was curious how it would turn out. She was extremely stunted at first and I didn’t top her as I wasn’t sure she would survive it
and then she sprouted lol. Fast forward to now, she’s taller than my light. 3 other plants in the tent with her and the other 3 are very close to the same height as each other and maybe ten inches shorter than the runt. So I can’t lower my light or the “runt” can’t get it on the main cola. As you can see I sorta bent her over a bit and her reaction was to stand up straight as expected and then stretch again lol which was unexpected. I can put a little more tension on the line to keep her down but obviously I don’t want to cause her to snap as her buds get bigger (hopefully). So any thoughts or suggestions?

I wonder. Without enough Led headroom (as in distance to canopy, not speaker wattage…) and to avoid caramelizing your upper foliage, would swapping to CFL lights be a viable option?

And/or adding supp lights?

I look forward to how your problem is solved. I got one of same going on…

Good luck friend.

@Rogerthat I think my first lesson learned here is either do away with problem child’s or more likely, top them anyway :joy: I’m looking into supplemental lighting but times are a bit tight for me currently. Not sure anything I can afford will do me much good. At this stage I’ve been rotating it and trying to keep the top cola mostly in the light but not up against it. I think my first step will be to tighten the wire on it to pull it down a bit more and see how she responds. I can raise the light more but that hurts the other 3 so don’t want to do that really. Just not sure lol. She’s gonna be a tall drink of curvy water by the time she’s done for sure tho haha. I will keep you posted.

If you’re not to far into flower maybe super crop that one branch.

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@Noctis420 first grow and don’t know much about super cropping. Might be too far along. I’m in about the 3rd week of flower. In my mind they were all going to be really close in size, and then this one hit a Shaq like growth spurt lol.

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Well google says Never super crop during flowering ! When you do this at say week 3 the plants needs to recover for lets say a week or even more. So instead of having a harvest 8 weeks from the start of 12/12 your looking at 9wks+. LST is the way to go but most people do this in the Veg state. But if it grows into the light you’ll lose out anyway and it could stress it out and cause it to hermie, just my two cents, gl


Maybe try netting it down or tying that main branch down mate


I agree with Noctis420, LST may be the way to go. Its not ideal at this stage, but you top cola growing into the light is a game over. Plus, by lowering your Shaq plant you get all four closer to the same height. And on your next grow with that strain you can be prepared for that ahead of time. Good luck man!