Plants getting too tall for tent,need advice

I’ve got 2 plants in a 2x4 and 1 is too tall. My new light should be here today. HLG 260w XL thats replacing these 2 shitty Mars 400s.
What can i do to keep it from getting so close to the light? They are in the 3rd week of flower and are autos.

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Are you in flowering? You can top if not.

Supercropping is another alternative.

The HLG will give you a few more inches when you take out those old lights.

Be aware that cannabis can double in size in the first few weeks after flowering is initiated.


@MidwestGuy yea,im in 3rd week of flower. I didn’t know if i should supercrop or not since they are autos. You think a scrog net would help any?

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Welcome ! gently pull an tie a few of the Limbs over. Also shorten the cables on your light to gain a few inches. Too late for net. Good luck


Nice looking set up. If I were you this is how I would tackle it. Once the new light comes.
~ LTS the larger plant on the left as much as you can. This is shorten it’s overall high and also allow more light penetration to the inside and lower branches.
~ Raise the plant on the left off the ground alittle. Try to have it match the canopy height of the other plant.
~ Really monitor the distance between the light and the foliage. You will want to keep this as close as possible with out harming the plants. Any sign of burn or leaf curl raise it up a bit. You want to minimize the plant stretching any extra than it needs to.

If you have a green house maybe think of tossing those two lights in it for supplementary lighting on those cloudy gloomy days.
Happy growing…


I got the new light in,it gave me an extra few inches but haven’t had the chance to tie down some limbs.
After i finish mowing the yard,I’ll tackle that and tie up that power cable better than it is too.


Are they autos? The short one is flowering. I am with @HippieRunner. Raise the short one and shorten and flatten the tall one as much as possible. She probably has a lot of stretching to do so take that into account when deciding how much to lower it.

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