Plants germinating then dying when planted

From a fellow grower: cannatonic did sprout, grew their first leaves, then keeled over & died. I have nothing from those five seeds.

Four of the Gorilla Glue seeds either did not sprout or develop past the cotyledon stage. I have one sprout that is growing so slowly that I thought it was dead.

I kept the four warm and damp in paper towels a foot under a small appliance bulb. The two cannatonic have germinated beautifully and are now in soil. One of the Glues opened and died. The other has germinated but does not look happy. I put it in soil anyway but am concerned. Not sure whether to start the other three.

I treated all of the seeds you sent the same way.

If they looked like they would pass the cotyledon stage, I transplanted them to soil that is a mix of Roots Organic and Foxfarm Ocean Forest and placed them under a small grow light for 18 hours. I watered them with osmosis filtered water.

After germination they looked like this (not good):



Looks very wet… and maybe underlit?

I had a really bad time with with the 7 ilgm seeds I dropped in last week too. All sank, one grew. 14/30 actual plants. Superlemon haze batch though only germed 4-5 10. 10/10 choco did, and all sprouted and grew except for one. But was my fault. These were all done in batches. But some of each strain each time. Exactly same. So that does raise a genetics flag. I read the reviews of the sativa mix pack before I got it, where everyone had the exact opposite situation. They couldn’t get the choco going. I mean, as a community we are genetically altering this plant constantly. There will always be new challenges caused by this. I mean we love femized seeds but don’t want hermies. A feminized seed means you don’t have to sort for male to cull. That’s great. But that feminized plant is already has the hermie trait and is much easier to mess up and hermie it. The dimple method for finding seeds that don’t have a dimple and discarding them is pretty effective. And now you got a seed that’s most likely female and isn’t already half hermie. Traits mutate over time. I’ll still only buy seeds from ilgm, so don’t get me wrong. Only others I grow are what people give me. I just ponder the long term effects and unseen variances.

This is the mentioned of last 7 that all germed and this was only one to pop. A choco of course. Then a house fly got in there and missed the poor girls leaves up. Hence the fly tape there.

Should probably germinate in a dark space or at least try not light. I use paper towel method, but have them between several layers and in plastic bag. Then place on top of my cable box for warmth.