Plants feel like paper

These GG autos are 3 in a half weeks old and some have a few deformed leaves. The leaves also feel a little papery. I was thinking they need calcium? Currently an outdoor grow there whole life and ph balanced to 6.5-6.6. Using general hydroponics micro, grow, and bloom. No calcium has been added to diet! What do you all think? I’m up for any and all help! Thank you!

Definitely wait for others to give you their input because I’m a brand new grower but the way the leaves are curling up makes me think they could be getting too much heat or not enough water. But I’m not an expert by any means lol.

Plants are fine; nothing is wrong. Normal to have leaves like that on young plants. They’ll sort it out.


@Slatter21 don’t see anything wrong with your plant dude looks perfectly healthy to me.

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It’s just weird because 2 of the plants feel normal and the other 2 feel really dry and papery

I was thinking the same thing

Are you growing outdoors in those fabric pots?

What’s your water source?

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Check your pH balance on the soil of the two that feels dry and add more water after you check the pH balance on the water.

Those plants look fine! They are young and the sun is powerful. They must adjust to strong light

Yes outdoor in fabric pots

Ok I will do that right now I just fed this morning and was going to see how they shaped up

Water source is from the tap always ph balanced to 6.5-6.6 and they have also received some rain water