Plants dying :(

Invest your time, so you don’t waste your $$


Guides are great. But lookup some of these constant great helper grow journals. U may need some time to read. But u can learn thru others mistakes. Certain things happen to us all. So vicariously growing is alot cheaper


You in Southern WI? I can make it to border in about 1.5 hours if I don’t get stuck in traffic.

So light burn isn’t the issue? Thats what i thought yet i dont grow indoors. Lights look too close to me figured the heat from the lights is what fried them. Just my thoughts.


FWIW I think Rob (@dbrn32) is dead nuts on. Your plants are damping off due to over watering.

A little tip if you have to: if you water and don’t have access to a PH meter use distilled or R/O and it will adjust to your soil PH.


You guys are all pretty much right except for the lights being too close , cfls can be 2 inches from your plants without hurting them…
His main issue was overwatering the (miracle grow) soil and letting them sit in the soupy soil with all of the nutrients in it… so they burned up from all of the nutrients and drowned at the same time… :wink:
I also didn’t see any good plant matter left for cloning , they were to far gone , the tops were all fried…
Sorry my friend… do a little more research and get all of your tools and things before you give it another go around… your chance for success will be much higher… :wink:


@ryry no they are CFLs and led low heat so they can be closer. I did have a lot of light burn due to plants literally keep touching the lights but other than that didn’t really have a problem

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@peachfuzz yea I know, ph meter lights grow tent should be coming next sometime because of the holiday.

I’ve been reading so much and everywhere it says be careful of overwatering and I almost never water till run off and don’t water just short of two weeks. When I buried them the soil on top was moist then some soil in the middle wasn’t the same color or look as the rest then the lower part of the soil was very wet to the point that that it clumped up and stayed together for a while.

Yeah that soil is killing your grow. Even if you must use MG soil try adding some perilite to it for drainage. I always add at least 26% to FFOF and it seems to work well. JMO.


I’m on first grow too so don’t get down about your grow. I’ve made mistakes too and have learned a ton. It’s funny that I care more about my weed plants than plants that make actual food for me lol. Priorities lmao!


Too bad I didn’t know you needed a tent and a light. I have both that were used for about a month I could have hooked you up with for a great deal.

I could always use more :thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

@Familyman especially lights

I’m not sure what the rules on this is but it’s a king plus 600watt blurple.

I think we are good (because it’s on amazon) I saw and was looking at the king cob led on Amazon before and I wasn’t sure if they work well

Yup IL, bout an hour from the City.

It looks like heat stress from the bulbs being so close
And they look like ph is off


Yea I didn’t realize how poorly she fell off when I started to just work and sleep instead of babysitting… its so unfortunate because they were on the last stretch :frowning:. But I was very I’ll prepared, reading some of the guides by Robert tells me I was even lucky to get that farm without constant monitoring of ph levels. I knew ph was a big deal I just didn’t think she’d just straight up give up so quickly. They went from being amazing to dead and burned in less than 2 days.

Man I miss Illinois (more specifically Chicago) I haven’t been there in about a year or so.

I try to stay out of that area lol. They tax the piss out of everything and then spend all the money on their corrupt political agendas.


That is true.

But I got a question for you.

@dbrn32 you swear by hps and mh lights same as Robert and I’m lot going to lie trying to find an even a slightly decent led light is kind of frustrating so I give in. These lights are cheap compared to LEDs the only thing I see is the issue is the fixture because they are so strong.