Plants dying :(

Little ivory

Big numi

They are both dying so rapidly… ph meter broke I ordered a new one a couple days ago but it won’t be here till Monday don’t think they’ll survive that long…

I don’t know what I did wrong… is there a way to save them or lesson learn?

Should iI keep some leaves for maybe potential clones? (Never done clones)

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I’ll try to help. When was the last time you watered?? What was the pH. Are you feeding anything??

Also, unless you have some rooting hormone, taking cuttings would be a waste of time.

So no chance in cloning?

My man, I’m not really sure what you have going on there. But I can make a few general assessments.

First of all, you don’t have the light there to be running plants that big. You can certainly grow a plant with cfl’s and a19 bulbs, but you need s few for even a small plant. Big picture, you’re gonna need to do something with lights or keep your plants smaller. Next, your medium looks awfully dark which is usually a sign of being wet. Without the light, they’re not gonna drink a lot. Which means you really have to be careful on how much water you give. When the medium doesn’t dry out in a reasonable time from uptake and evaporation, the water sits there. That will cause all kinds of problems for your roots. Also, you didn’t post any temp or humidity data. Do you not have something to measure that stuff?

Shit will break, spill, get lost, or whatever all the time. It really sucks when you’re new because you probably haven’t ph’d your water enough to thumb eyeball what you typically use. You can half assed avoid that by taking good notes. If you had kept track of how much ph adjuster you typically used, would probably be a safe bet to average that and let it fly. It’s a hassle and most people aren’t that organized to keep track of how much ph adjuster they use. But the more particular you are with taking notes, the better chance that they will save your ass in the future.

Based on the pictures, temp, humidity, root issues, or inability to produce the energy required could all be the culprit there. Maybe even more than one. Without a little more info would be very difficult to pinpoint what’s going on. Sorry I can’t be of more help.


I would disagree about the cloning, they can take without rooting hormones. The problem there is you’re going to want to dome them and mist with ph’d water.


Its frustrating I thought I was in the clear then they did this. Next grow my tent meters soil adjusters lights are all coming in so this won’t happen again


How exactly do I clone? I’m completely ignorant and never got to the part about reading it. I don’t even know If I took the right clippings off.

Most likely not

@dbrn32 could the container size be an issue too. They look kinda small to me.


That is true. I was going the easy route. Lol

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Not sure about container. I’ve flowered plants out in 1 gallon plastic pots before. They get a little pissed near the end, but don’t shrivel up and die.

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Jump on YouTube and watch some videos. It’s not difficult, just make sure your stuff is clean and cut at angle. I usually cut and throw immediately into small glass of ph’d water for about 10-15 minutes. Then pull out and lightly scrape around the area I cut, then pop into rapid rooter.


Okay thank you and I think I drowned them… when I feed I must have added to much water which would make sense because I normally have the fan on them and it super hot for the past couple days here in Wisconsin it hasn’t been no where near as hot damn near chilling

Only reason I said this is because i buried them after i took the picture they must have gave up fighting and let go… the soil on top wasn’t that moist but the bottom soil was completely wet. Mg soil retained all of the water. Next time no plastic pots either.


You can clone using aloe vera plant also cut your cuttings dip in water then dip into the aloe plant after you cut a tip off and get them goopy tjen but in your medium your gonna use


If you have already taken the clippings, but don’t know what to do with them yet, I’m sorry to say that is probably doomed as well. They need to go right from the plant to the rooting stuff to the soil (or water)

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I’m looking at seeds now to be honest.


No miracle grow soil, this time around! :grinning:


Very much Agreed