Plants dropping leaves

Help , my WW Fem plants going outdoors in coastal tx are losing leaves….help

The plants are in 3rd week of flowering and I recently got a leaf miner issue addressed by spraying with: gal water w/ 1 tsp vegetable oil and 1 tsp dish soap.

The buds are still growing and just curious if keep growing or they have an issue

The only nutes are in the soil and I add ILGM flowertime weekly: N16 P6 K30, 1 tsp to gallon of water and use sprayer to feed into the soil.

Of course temps are 100+ daily and 60+ humidity.

Trying to get these girls to harvest but that is targeted at end of September

Any thoughts

Many thanks



Howdy Swag
What is pH of water going in? :thinking:

Hashton , good question, never used anything but cool tap water. It just read 7.2 ish. It’s not a digital meter, older model.

I was thinking the pH was more for indoor grow.

What do you think? Since I plan to grow another 6+ weeks



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Howdy Swag
They are in pots,yes?
Just my thoughts, pH looks off to me.
Cannabis in soil, water should be 6.5 ,with fluctuations either way between 6-7 .
I always check my pH when watering in pots.
I would get quality pH pen to test your pH when watering and feeding nutrients.


Yes in pots and soil is happy frog and ocean forest mix from Fox farm

I will look to get a pH pen asap

Appreciate the help

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Hash, all local pens are BS , so Amazon. But while I get this what do I do to lower the pH ?

I would like y’all’s input on this

I want to get this corrected ASAP


How often are you watering?
Are they getting wet and dry cycle?

Forgot to ask ,is water de-chlorinated?

Even though youre outside, youre still in pots. How is your drainage? I would recommend doing a soil slurry test to get accurate numbers of your ph and ppm. Correct ph and ppm and you should be gold.

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Ok thanks for your advice



Hash , I do try to water each morning and then only when the girls are dry

I have only used local water……garden hose

I have some product coming in Saturday to lower pH

The nutes I have are stuff, a grow kit, I got thru ILGM. I see where the feed water also should be ~ 6.5 pH

Now of course the girls look like centerfolds today.

I would think this learning curve would give me gray hair but too late.

Appreciate you sharing knowledge


I did get acid solution and for last 3 days have fed and water the girls with pH of ~ 6.6 pH . Made gallon batches of feed water and also with nutes using the 6.6

I will get a few pics this week

The nutes I have are from ILGM , their flowertime stage 3 . All in in 3-4 weeks of making buds