Plants don't grow higher than 4feet

Question from a fellow grower:

I seem to be suffering from stunted growth. My quality is spot on but my
plants, no matter the size of the container I put them In never get
more than 4 feet tall and 1/4 pound. I’ve gone so far as to veg 3 months
with regular training with 3 different strains. I’m planting in
soilless mix (promix HP) and a slightly modified general hydroponics
simple mix. Looser soil, staked, 1000w hid all the way to 4ft away, I’ve
tried lots.

may seem a silly question but are they clones of same strain?
or seeds of same strain sounds like an indica to me not overly tall this is just genetics and if you are using clones expect they will be the same a 4’ indica with consistant results is doing something right. you want Taller look for sativa dominant strains

Have you manifold or used a scrogged . But in my opinion a scrog will give you the biggest yield by filling out so the smaller side shoots will become colas .

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