Plants died overnight

We purchased 4 clones to start our grow indoors. They were using soil. We were advised to use Hydro so we set up a DWC system and transplanted them (after cleaning their roots) in 10" net pots in 5 gallon buckets using rockwool. We used Miracle Gro all purpose plant food for nutrient (24-8-16, 2 tsps per bucket.). We added 1 tablespoon of vit b-1 per bucket and tsp of Cal-Mag ber bucket. Plants seemed to thrive and grow. We had some trouble controlling ph which kept rising to around 7 no matter what we did. We are using RO water with ph of 5.5, We replaced the nutrient solution in 2 of the buckets a day apart after the original two weeks. We used the same solution except we did not add vit. B1 nor Cal-Mag to the new water because we thought that may be causing our ph problem. Unfortunately, both plants died over the first night. All leaves shriveled, drooped and curled up. We are afraid to replace nutrient solution in remaining two buckets. Any advice or clues as to what is wrong will be greatly appreciated. Thanks,
**Strain - OG Kush; Type - cloned

Hydroponic - DWC with rockwool cubes

System type?

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? 5.5 - 7.0

What is strength of nutrient mix?24-8-16

Indoor or Outdoor Indoor 4x5 foot tent

Light system, size?t-5 250 watt 4 feet with adjustable hangers

Temps; Day, Night 60-80

Humidity; Day, Night 50-80

Ventilation system; Yes, Size not sure but seems more than adequate with carbon filter - has control set at 80 temp and 80% humidity

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier, - N/A

Co2; No

Did you give the nutes right away? I’m no pro, just offering an opinion, but clones are trying to establish their roots and become a full fledged plant. I would think adding nutes, and at those strengths, so early would be a bit rough on such a small plant. I tried to grow DWC, albeit from seed, but I used very little nutes I also didn’t use nutes until week 2 of veg, when it had 4 nodes. I used .13-0-.60 Alaskan kelp and started at 1/4th strength. It worked for a little while, but my reservoir had bacteria probs and grew some slime.

Oh and my pH also kept climbing daily. No matter what I did. DWC is a great concept and works wonderful if you can dial it in. But I’ve since switched back to soil and my plant is thriving. Plus less maintenance and more forgiving while in soil. imo. Good luck to you!

Thanks for your thoughts, hydrogrrens. The clones were in soil for at lest 5 weeks before we switched to hydro. Thay had sufficient roots - at least 6 inches and multiple shoots. They survived just fine in the original hydro environment. It was only after we changed the solution after 2 weeks, as was suggested, that the problem occurred. And it occurred immediately overnight the first night.

When we ask what is solution, or nutrient strength; We mean PPM (parts per million) Yuo provide us with the N-P-K ratio of your Miracle Grow.

I would say that you have your nutrients mixed wrong. Comnine that with an off PH and you have trouble. Usually plants do not shrivel and die, unless you did something very wrong. You need to buy a RDS meter/pen to determine your PPM value.

For the most part, it sounds like everything else is OK, asided from RH being a bit high!

Clones take on the age of the mother plant, so once rooted you can apply a normal nutrient strenght. :slight_smile: