Plants bloomed early and returned to growth

My outdoor ground planted plants bloomed early and returned to growing. At some point between indoor and outdoors I triggered flowering. Four weeks ago they were planted 3 weeks ago they were cut and two weeks ago we had a heat wave of 30 C + with very high humidity. I noticed the other day that the leaves were a single leaf of one, others below were three but everything after they started growing (about 1 week after cutting) was increasingly reduced & deformed. Stress! !ouch! I have removed the gnarly parts and fertilized with 20:20:20, humic acid and kelp. Can they return to normal growth now? or are they toast?

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I have no idea what’s wrong with her anyone willing to help

@Mal25 sounds like after you moved them they where getting a lot more light and started reveging or reverted back to veg. state! Do you have pics. and lowdown on your grow setup?

@jvzani735 Welcome to the forum ,hope you enjoy all the knowledge here! They look to be wilted, what are your environmental conditions like and watering regimen?

I live in the Caribbean it’s mostly sunny and I water 2 times a day

Thanks Holmes, they were germinated inside and started at 24 hrs lighting. The lights were decreased to the amount of daylight at the time but that was still a large decrease. late May we were going to take cuttings to sex them and soon after we found pollen sacs on a few and white hairs on most no sexing needed. I under stood that it would take time and energy to return to a vegetative state but i didn’t know it would screw with them like this! The sat and sulked for two weeks after being planted. After they started to grow I didn’t pay much attention, when I looked yesterday everything grown after the cutting was degenerating, which also coincided with the heat wave. I read online that rarely heat stress can do this, I think their were three stresses one after another. Here are some pics.

You can see clearly that the top leaves are a group of three on the first pic and the uppermost are only one leaf not five?

It’s typical for revegging plants to have abnormal leaves at first. No worries. In another week or 2, they’ll look normal.


@Mal25 in the pics below you can see the plant on the left is still trying to get going, reason being the one on left was taken 4 weeks in flower and the other was taken at 2 weeks in flower. It takes longer to get back to normal veg. the longer she is in flower. I done it on purpose to create monster crop clones which usually turn out bushy, but they can be a pain to deal with! It is all good though :grin: When going from indoor to outdoor timing is CRITICAL

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@jvzani735 may be watering too much! Are they in the ground? What does soil feel like with your finger 2-3 inches in? Put an @ in front of handle like I did you to get some ones attention!

Thanks to both of you @Holmes & @Growyourown and good to hear


An update to my thread. All the plants did resume growth and as you said @Holmes they are very bushy. While they did return to good growth they never stopped flowering, while thinning them out I saw that they had all started seeding! Hermaphrodites. I have not seen any pollen sacs, sounds dumb but are they there? If so how long will they produce pollen? I was given two extra plants to compensate, these two are nowhere near flowering but will they be at risk when they do? Also with the plants that are flowering, what now? The flowers are small they are sticky and started to smell, the seeds are not quite ready, green, fully formed but not hardened. Is this the end of the line for them? How long before the resin starts to deteriorates? A lot of questions I know>
Thanks in advance

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All the stress probably got to them! Yes the pollen sacs are there! Pollen will be there as long as the plant is there, probably a good idea to clean the entire area before introducing new ladies. The other 2 plants could do the same thing either by genetics or the stress that got the others? After seeding starts most everything else slows dramatically or ceases altogether, may bulk up a little! The THC will start degrading pretty quickly 2 weeks maybe? You are welcome.

By clean the area how would you do that? They are in four holes in the lawn.

Again thank you

I had forgotten they where outside :grin:, could have been pollinated by another source. May not be anything you can do, except find the source!

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I don’t think that’s the case but they should axed ASAP? Also the time frame you gave re. degradation is from pollination and not maturity of the seeds, correct?

Axed…probably! Time frame is a guess, all strains are different , just going by how long it takes for things to happen. Yes, from pollination the plant starts changing its main objective from creating buds to creating seeds!

I did that to an auto flower last year. To much nitrogen! Burned it, it reveged, got funky growth at first, and grew to be huge and flowered with my other photo plants. Probably tripled in size! Glad it happened.