Plants at two different sizes. Idk what’s wrong

Hello. I am growing two white widow Auto’s and one is considerably larger than the other. They were had the same feed and water schedule until the size difference. I am not sure what’s wrong. Is the little one a lost cause? They’re both at 3 weeks and 6 days since planting.

My nutes are fox farm big bloom, grow big, and tiger bloom.

I have tried to get the little one off the nutes, adjusted the watering, adjusted the amount of nutes and she’s still just growing really slow.

Any tips? Thank you guys!

What’s your watering schedule and how much?

The big one is getting 16 oz in the morning and then another 16 only if she dries out by mid day. The pH is 6.1 because it’s coco.

The little once gets 8-10 oz in the morning and again around 4 PM because the heat dries out the soil.

They used to be fed every other watering with 1/4 strength nutes for the little one and 1/2 strength for the big one but they started to show signs of nute burn so I have kept them on water only for the last 3 days and will do so until it’s been a week.

I successfully stopped the nite burn from progressing but I will continue water only for a couple more days to make sure.

Am certain a Coco grower will be around to help. Based of the what you have said, sounds like she is still in shock, she just needs time to recover

Auto’s do their own thing. I’ve got 2 strawberry cheesecake autos currently. 1is a foot tall, the other 2 feet tall.

But, don’t use too much nutes and try not to overwater. Be sure there’s plenty of drainage in the container.