Plants are too tall

A question of a fellow grower:
I have limited grow space that’s why I ordered northern lights. 26-32 inches. I grow one at a time. Seed popped 7/2. I vegged for 4 weeks. Flipped and I am now into 4th week of flower. The plant is 58 inches tall!!! I am out of room. The cola is in my 300 watt hps. I’m not sure what to do besides cutting my main cola. If I do that the whole grow is a bust. Which unfortunately looks that way. I very disappointed. I still have 4 seeds left and don’t know what to do with them.

You should’ve trained the plant earlier when it was in veg, but for now you can try to bend that top cola down so it doesn’t touch the light. You can even tie it down.


Just as @raustin said. I would tie it down and you can pull it slow, a little each day, so you dont snap it. Id say next grow do LST through the whole grow and you should be fine. Have you thought about a scrog system? I have seen nice ones on here and im sure if you ask someone would love to help you out with it. Just my thoughts happy growing.


I agree but ever so lightly as stem hardens in flower. Gently pull her down.

Thanks guys for the advice. When I say limited space I mean 18" x 18" x 7’ tall. And it’s not one main but two colas both at 58 " a tick away from 5 feet. I topped between 4th and 5th node. Never phased her. Should of topped again. Should have lst. I chose northern lights for the obvious reasons. Small dense bush, easy to grow, sticky gooey buds and final heigth of 28" to 32" inches tall or 2 1/2 foot long. The plant I have is double that size. I’m not really sure what strain it is…I can take pics if this forum accepts…so in conclusion I’m gonna bend m back the best I can. I’m not very happy about ordering one thing and getting another. I understand shit happens. But I have four seeds left and can’t trade them out cuz I don’t know what they are. I’m using GH trio. With Cal/ mag, hydroguard, touch of phosphorus and bud candy. I’m at 1256ppm and I run my pH low 5.5 - 5.8. …:smiley:

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LST now…next time start flowering much quicker. Plants will double height two weeks in flower.

He said he had it in veg for 4 weeks. Pretty standard for a short veg. But then again that would depend on hiow big it was when you consider the ‘veg’ starting.

She looks stretchy as well as just tall (space between the nodes where you see the flowers). Is it possible your light was too far away early on and they were stretching to reach it?

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:point_up: all great advice! Also, more intense light, or possibly just lowering the light you have closer to the plant, as early on as possible, will cut down on the stem length between nodes. Healthy looking, though. And this looks about the time the stretch is usually finishing anyway. Don’t panic! She’ll finish up and surprise you, I bet. Keep it up :+1:

If this helps, these are my NL plants I LST and FIM from the start. Vegged 50 days.

I grow Northern Lights autos every other grow and they can get to 4 feet easily. You might want to try Trainwreck. Most of the time it doesn’t get taller than 30". It’s just as sticky as NL and as powerful in my opinion.

Is NL pretty powerful??

Northern Lights and Trainwreck are two very different highs though. Depends what you’re looking for, too.

It can be pretty strong if it’s grown right. I grow it for the higher CBD. I make mostly edibles for chronic back issues and I find it helps


I’m out of likes. That’s entirely different :+1:

Could you describe the NL high??

Everyone is different…that said, for me, NL is chill, somewhat cerebral. It’s perfect for pain, I’ve used it for insomnia, but you can also easily zone into a good movie or whatever.

Trainwreck, while also good pain meds is a much more energetic, racy high for me. Almost too much if I’m having a hard time with PTSD or anxiety.

I don’t make or consume a lot of edibles. Is it less perceptible, the differences between strains?

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I hate to say it but I have had to super crop up during flower because I had no more height pinch the stem and bend it over
you have to be very careful

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Depends on when you take the Trainwreck. I take it at 50-80% amber myself.

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I would assume that the dispensary Trainwreck I’ve had was taken at optimum potency. Maybe I should grow my own!

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I would. Trainwreck gets gone quicker than anything else I grow. I grow meds for 2 others besides myself. They love it. I prefer it to smoke. I use Chronic Widow for the serious pain management, but it keeps me from doing anything else. If I could figure out how to get blueberry autos to grow successfully, I would put those to work. The edibles are a much stronger body high than head high. I need the body high myself. You can tell a difference between some strains when using edibles. I generally grow the higher THC and CBD strains from ILGM so most of the time I can only tell by smoking