Plants are stunted

From a fellow grower: The soil is basic blackish rich good soil mixed with coir ants musroom compost worm juice and seaweed solution Bhutto that later on in They don’t grow a long tail the post tail starts then dies it was definitely I tried all variations of putting in good soil in a normally good seeding area the just would not perform only 5 Struggled through and they are really slwgrowers after 3 months they are still in growth leaf still at 2 ft tall Ian waiting for them to turn naturally but still leaf it’s starting to worry me I might have to induce with bud bomb and chafe to bloom evare running out of heat in a terribly badly summer too much rain periods and cloudy days mildest summer in ages in east coast so I bought a light and that got 5 going but they’re stunted and so weird as well 3? Month growth stage come on ! I can’t belong eve theve lasted so long check the photo the second photo is last yews stunted ones the three in the phot I sent earlier ages ago are the now same these have been going since sept and are week 2 bud bomb ie just turned ie nearly 5 months growth stage amazing like normal outdoor cycle but their amnesia that you sent last year And had kept 4 out of 8 survived the 6 month break till spring


With seeing the second pic of last years plant with the solar light right beside it.

Have you removed the solar light ?

Any residual yard lighting will cause the plants to stay in veg stage.
Photoperiod plants require total darkness to switch to flower.