Plants are showing signs of different deficencies. PLEASE HELP

Hey guys I’m having some issues with my plants all of a sudden and I can’t figure out what it is. I am leaning toward nitrogen deficiency or nute burn. The leaves on my tallest are getting yellow the further you go down. The stem at the top node is also turning purple and tips of the leaves are burning. I don’t want to flush it and lost the nitrogen but also don’t want to kill it from nutrient burn. I may need to flush the others as well. Let me know what you think!
Organic soil
Hlg100 V2 led
Temps reach 30c on the hottest day. Usually around 27c with lights on
Rh 34-60
Ph water at 6.5
Runoff at around 7 with pH test kit(possibly this?) I’m buying a TDs meter today
General hydroponics flora, micro, flower nutrients for week 1 veg. No call mag though
Water schedule:
PhD tap water
Next feeding is nutrient PhD water
Link to my post on Rollitup for more backstory and current update: Problems with Plants

Let me know if I forgot any details or need any more pics

Ok, I’ll give it a try, Only read through first page of your thread on other forum so if I ask something that was already asked and answered on that forum I’m sorry.

My first question is how long have you been growing these plants?

Thanks for the reply man. They’re 4 days under a month old now. This is my first grow and a couple people on the other forum mentioned that they look light deprived. I lowered the lights from 13 in to 11 in from the plants. They also said that the old soul I was using looked really heavy so I went and picked up ffof soil and transplanted them Saturday night.

Glad to hear about the transplant. I suspected they were 4-5 weeks old and was going to suggest you have “issues”. Repotting with soil formulated with pot in mind is a great start and I was going to suggest that. The fox farms soil should fix your problem with the discolored leaves in a week or two.

The addition of the HLG is also a good decision, but is only enough to flower 1-2 plants. Crowding them together will work this time but more plants won’t improve your yield (unless you learn to SOG).

No need to feed with the ocean forest for a while, how long depends on how big of container you use. With autoflowers I find 5-7 gallon (20-30L) can get well into flower without NEEDING to add nutrients. With photoperiod plants indoors I prefer 7-10 gallon pots.

With the new soil, new light and pH meter on the way you are on your way to a successful grow. Come back if we can be of any attritional help.

Hey man just an update! All of the plants are starting to get their green back slowly. Thank you so much for the advice on everything. The tallest is slowly getting more green further down as well. I did notice the leaves on it are slowly burning on the edges. I got my ec/ppm meter and calibrated it and the ppm for the runoff of this plant is at 2300 and the EC is at 4.61. this is in the new soil. Should I be concerned? Only plain water since transplant. I’ve read online that ffof is a high nutrient soil. I hope I didn’t burn them out. These are one day apart and it looks like it’s progressing quickly.

I might be the minority here but I trust fox farms to get it close to right so I don’t worry about ppm until I suspect the need to feed. Over thinking it and chasing numbers can get growers in trouble.

2200 ppm for ocean forest is right where it should be by the way.

I can’t stress enough how important pH is when feeding your plant, ppm not so much.

I watch pH in and check runoff only every 3-4 weeks unless I expect a problem; if your plant looks healthy don’t over think it.

Should I be concerned about the burning on the edge of the leaves?

Sounds like you’ve done what you could do. There is nothing you can give it to lessen the yellowing. I’d just continue to concentrate on new growth and if new leaves continue to show signs of yellowing then you may have to worry, but if the plant is otherwise growing well I wouldn’t worry about it.