Plants are ok but still only about an inch tall after 2 weeks. Help me please

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

I’m growing in the basement under LED lights! Temperature might be a little low! Plants are ok but still only about an inch tall after 2 weeks

Used white widow auto flowering seeds from crop king! LED full spectrum light,fertilizer potting soil,5 gal. Bucket bought from manards! Growing in a shower stall in the basement about 65-70 degrees! Leaving light on 24 hours a day! Only spraying for water!

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at 2 weeks old you should giving them more than a spray. roots need water too
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Good advice from @Sasquatch
Agree with the watering
Because your in a five gallon bucket the plant will want to fill the soil with a nice root system
That will eventually support the plant above soil
So the first two to three weeks you may see Little vertical growth above soil
I would also change light schedule ti 18/6 veg
Plants need there rest period
And infact they do most of thier growing at night
In another week or so you should see the upward growth take off once roots are fully established
By not watering the soil you are forcing the root to search out moisture :wink:
Suggest you water around the edges of the bucket
So you have holes in the bucket if not youll want to get some for drainage
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We have the best members on the web
Happy growing :v:️ CB


I was wondering if you could help me understand something in your post? You mentioned that you water around the edges of the pot. Is that technique something that should be done every time no matter what size of pot you’re using? I guess what I’m asking is what is the “best practice” on how to water?
Should you avoid watering right around the stock? Do you start in a circular pattern outside edges of the soil and pot and then work your way in? Or do you just water around the outside only? Does it even matter what your watering technique is?
Sorry for the interruption everyone but I figure with a new grow starting soon this is something I should get cleared up.
Sorry for the interruption. And thank you all for your time and patience with reading my post. I appreciate it. Have a nice morning everyone.


Lol no worries @neckNflu and good question buddy
Yes when you have a young plant you should avoid watering around the stalk best practices when watering is to stay outside the canopy circumstance in a starter pot or cup this would be the edges
In this particular case I mentioned the edges not having any visual reference to work with as far as size of plant etc

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That’s so awesome! That gives me such a great visual in my mind on how to water when you stated to water around the outside of the canopy. Instantly going into my notebook! Thank you so much. You and the other members and employees are awesome. Thank you for taking the time to respond. You helped me a ton! Once again more solid advice from you. You and the members/employees/volunteers have helped me out so much. I appreciate it thank you very much.
It seemed like a goofball question but I’m glad I asked.


No question is a goof ball question brother
And all are welcome @neckNflu that how you learn by asking :wink:


Thank you so much. You guys at ilgm and the members have been outstanding. I appreciate all the advice that everyone has given me. Thanks to you and the members and employees of this website make growing very enjoyable. You all have always been respectful, courteous, and helpful regardless of the question that I post. I appreciate it and it makes a huge difference between enjoying growing and looking at growing as “work”.
Have a nice morning everyone