Plants are looking a little on the short side

I planted 3 auto GGs and they are coming up on 3 weeks and are looking pretty short. Do I need to be worried?

Can you get a picture without the lights on? They look healthy to me. I am growing GG too and was worried about the same thing at 3 weeks. Once it hits flower it will hit a growth spurt vertically for about 21 days. I think you’ll be just fine man.

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You might think about transplanting to bigger pots. There’s not much room for roots to grow in those small containers.

Happy roots = happy plants.


I agree I would go at least 3 gal pots


Ok I will move the pot size up and see how it goes also should my lights still be on veggie? Or should I mix the the lights with veggie and flower?

If you have veg and flowering switches then chances are that your light is underpowered. I would run both to maximize the light your plant is getting.

What are those tubes in 2 of the 3 pots?


They are auto watering pots it lets me know if the water is getting low

I suggest removing them. Cannabis does not like soil that is constantly wet and prefers wet and dry cycles. Plants that size should be getting a couple ml of water a day at most. Consistently wet soil can lead to damping off (root rot) in younger plants. It also attracts bugs and mold or mildew.


Got it. I will be transplanting today

do keep in mind it will seem for at least another 3 or so days that they’re doing NOTHING still but that’s because they’re finding their new “feet” , rooting out into the new container when you transplant :wink: Happy growing


I scrapped a grow at 2 weeks when they were that size. Time is quickly ticking with autos.

These are my autos at 3 weeks on the 2nd grow. Huge difference. I wasn’t getting good pH readings initially on the 1st grow and when I finally did, I found I was giving them water at 7.4 pH.

It’s hard to scrap but I’m glad I did it.


Those pots may hold 3 gallons if they were filled. Turn Both Switches On for 15-18 hours per day for 2-3 more weeks, after transplant.

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