Plants are hitting screened roof

A question from a fellow grower:

question I grow legally in a screened and chicken wired lockable and alarmed greenhouse, I have topped my plants there over 8 ft. wide hard to now walk around for care, they are hitting screened roof and just showing white pistols should I be concerned I know they keep growing while flowering 9ft. tall roof

You have to gently train branches by tying them down. Look for some agricultural twine, and plant clips. These plant clips are round and open to allow you to place them on the branch and click it closed.

Loosely wrap the twine around stem being careful not to break off leaves and stems. I recommend have the clip near the main trunk of the plant, and having twine all the way to near the end of the branch.

After appluing Twine and clips, Gently tie down the branch below your ceiling. You should be able to gain a couple feet by doing this. Hope this helps.

Good Luck, be careful. Happy Growing :slight_smile:

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