Plants are dying need help finding a solution

This is my second grow, the first I had this same problem and one of my plants died from it while the other never fully recovered. I water them how I normally would…wait till soil dries up (completely dry not damp) and water till I see some runoff. I use RO water and dont have any problems with droopy leaves until they are about a month into veg. Same with the plants from my last grow. Didnt have any problems until they were about the size of the plants I have growing now. I use FFOF soil with about 20/30% added perlite housed in a 2 gallon smart pot. I dont know what I’m doing wrong bc the other two in the tent are on the same watering schedule and have nice perky leaves. The runoff ph of the two droopy plants is 6.5 and 6.8 while their ppm is around 950. I water every other day. Please help


I would ordinarily say overwatering here, but your summary doesn’t support that. The 2 on the left appear to have a bit of nitrogen toxicity with the dark green, waxy leaves. Particularly the one in the back.

Humidity is a bit low, but not enough to cause drooping like that.

I definitely think that one that is back left has a nitrogen problem.

You need to water per each individual plants needs.

The droopy one looks overwatered.


Did you just transplant these? Your soil goes completely dry every other day in pots that big? @JohnDoe97

I am in complete agreement. Every other day with plants that size is way too frequent. Are you watering to runoff or some smaller amount? Cal mag added to R/O might not hurt but is not responsible for your problem.

I water mine 2 cups ever 3 days. That’s only when I can stick finger in to 2nd knuckle and not feel moisture

I water till I see water dripping from the bottom of the smart pot. I have used calmag but not recently and in small amounts. However a couple days ago I fed them grow time from Robert Bergmans line of fertilizer with a ppm of 425(a little more than half of the 750 recommended ppm) They have been in the 2gal ever since I transplanted them from solo cups when they were seedling. The 2gal pots will soak up about half a liter give or take some before there’s any runoff and I’ll do that every other day. Also I have some small fans blowing at the base of the plants/smart pots so I feel like that speeds up the drying of the soil. I will cut back watering and hopefully she has a positive response

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First off don’t feed until the plants look hungry.

Secondly I would consider a larger pot.


Of is pretty hot to begin with, as long as she’s not yellowing/browning from tips back your ok with what your doing with nutes.

Cut back on that watering til runoff of, you lose the nutrients in the soil…

If your going to go the water til runoff route go with something that doesn’t have nutrients… coir , fox farm light warrior or anything with no base nutrients

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FFOF is pretty hot and I wouldn’t feed at that age.

I didn’t catch one of your last sentences about watering every other day. I’m with the others on overwatering.

I still think your nitrogen is high, otherwise looking good.

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I plan on transplanting them to 5gal smart pots. I have another tent with seedlings and am gonna transplant from the solo cup straight to their final pot as I think it would be less stressful on the plants as I haven’t mastered transplanting and I can’t see their roots when they’re in the smart pot (I have a clear cup inside of an opaque cup for seedlings so I can see when they’re ready for a new home)

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Autos or photos? If autos, sure. If photos I suggest staged pots to avoid watering issues like you are having. The problem with a Solo cup into a 5’er is the plant is so small it will drown if you water to runoff. You have to develop the right cadence of watering. Think of this: by allowing the plant to dry out it will force the roots to ‘hunt’ for water. This is why it’s recommended with autos in bigger pots to water around the outside edges of the pot.


Myfriendis410 Has you covered with great suggestions.
A suggestion I have is to water before they’re too dry. I’m guilty of waiting too long on occasion, but it really causes more harm than good. Ph swings, and leaf burn are an issue after the soil dries out.
On the other hand, watering too much can be just as bad.

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