Plants are droopy. Not overwatering or underwatering

A little background. Been doing this for awhile now. Same room. Same set up. But this time around all my plants are showcasing a droopiness to them. Not wilting but rather droopy.

I hand feed. I wait for the soil to dry up and water all the way through. Normally it’s every few days.

1 gal pots
Ph 5.8-6
Led light at 40 percent power. The plants are only a few weeks old. 4 feet from the light
No Co2 during veg.
Humidity 75 percent

The leaves feel lifeless and papery. No bugs on foliage. Going to scour the root zone for root aphids.

It’s almost like they are not transpiring.

Any thoughts


It’s sad because it needs a bigger pot 7 gal is for you fabric


Welcome to the community plant has a little stretch going on. Lot of space between the nodes . I would lower the light to maybe 30 inchs to start with. Watch and see how the plant response.

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Sorry to see this. Dealt with similar issue. It was at the root level.

I don’t think this has to do with lights. What’s your temp? 75 seems high in mid veg.

Back to the roots it’s either water logged (check out rain science grow bags) or like you said aphids. That’s what I had. And I had to break out the scope to see them.

Did you bring in a plant from outside your space? I believe my aphids hitched a ride when I didn’t wash and change after working in outside garden.

Good luck!

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Pot up!

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Appreciate all the responses. I looked at the root zones. I didn’t see any bugs. And all of them are droopy. So unless root aphids got a hold of each and everyone at the same time, it prolly it isnt them. The roots look fairly white but I did notice a white fuzzy fungus by the drainage holes on a few of them. Like it was waterlogged and fungus grew.

I’m really not sure what’s going on. I’m leaning towards the intensity of the light. I have them at 40 percent but I can’t lower it the intensity any further. Going to raise the light even higher.

The plant does have a lot of stretch to it but it’s fairly young and LEDs can be too much for a young plant. I’ll pot it up once it fully roots.

I’m hoping to see a change in those sad plants in the next day or two. It’s like they can’t transpire water

Transplant is the answer.

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Node spacing, color and character of leaves indicate it’s NOT a lighting issue.

Time to pot up, verify calibration on PH meter maybe?

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1 gallon pots = problem
5 gallon pots =solution

Slight improvement. I raised the lights about ten hours ago. I raised them even more.

If you look at the previous pictures this one looks a lot better

If its pro mix HP or BX it has no nutes and is treated like Hydro, needs to be feed at every watering & watered at least once a day, don’t let it dry out. And yes it is ready for a transplant like the others have said.

Appreciate all the responses and I’ll be transplanting them. Here’s a pic of the white fuzzy fungus? By the drainage holes

Any idea how to get rid of this? Going to start using hydroguard from this point forward

Looks to me l ike they need water. You should be in a grow bag with plenty of air. You can feel the bag is cooler where the water level is. I watered daily when in dirt. Us an auto water ipiro has been the only one to hol up. I’d go with them you set number of sec and what time it goes off I feed 1/2 cup 4 times a day. Remember the bigger the bush the more water it will consume.
Happy growing