Plants are drooping and not eating

Strain; SFV & Paris OG

Hydroponic (Veg)

System type? Recycle

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? PH run off is 6.8, PH is Res is 5.7

What is strength of nutrient mix? TDS is approx 875


Light system, size? Using air cooled hoods with 1000k watt metal halide

Temps; Day 77F, Night 72F

Humidity; Day 50%, Night 65%

Ventilation system; No,
AC, De-humidifier,

Co2; Yes @ 800PPM

So, I have had two full grows under my belt with some supervision from more experienced growers. Although this issue has shown that these growers didn’t have much knowledge about what identifying specific issues when things started going south. So, This round started off well, babies rooted fast and had a large number of roots. About week three of veg plants started showing what looked like Phos or Mag def.( brown splotches on some middle leaves, then ends would get crispy and die) sort of confusing as this mix has never shown this before. I added some Epsom salt and a little pk boost although this did not seem to help. Plants basically had stopped eating at this point. I flushed and let them dry out quite a bit and then tarted back with a recovery solution and PHd water and put some holes into the medium and raised the cubes to get air underneath. I am seeing some very slow roots starting to come out on some plants although all of them are drooping and just look very unhappy.

What do your roots look like?

@Donaldj @peachfuzz can probably help you more.

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You didn’t give alot of info on water temps , age of plants and what kind of system your growing in… :wink:
But it sounds like ebb and flow… I would look at pump on , off times… sounds like your blocks are staying too wet… also are you dripping from the top of the blocks or flooding the table?
Also have you checked for bugs really well?

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temps are pretty cool for co2 system I am used to people running temps high 80s with co2
Are you running a coco drip system rockwool just wondering about medium being used not used to hydro ph values being 5.8 not 6.7 ?

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Most of the roots look like they have died. Plants with bigger rootmass the roots are brown or an off white. Again there are some that have started to show new roots and those are white and healthy looking.
I am running Rockwool 6"cubes and top feeding, hand water draining into a res then recycle for the next day and add water to achieve desired PPM. Im feeding or was feeding approx once a day sometimes every other day depending on how the cube felt. I. had come to the conclusion that I overwatered which then restricted nute uptake and presented as deficiency.
Have checked for bugs pretty well. I only saw what looked like thrip issues on one plant but didnt see anything moving under 40x magnification.

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Plants are approx 4 weeks old now , have been topped and are about 1’ 5 inches tall. Water temps are on average about 65 degrees.
Also, I am running at a 700 scale on my meter for my TDS measurements.

The problem is that your top feeding those blocks… those 6 inch blocks need to be put on top of a slab that’s 4 inches tall by 12 inches wide by 2 foot long… you can probably put 2 or 3 of your 6 inch blocks on one of the blocks I’m describing… then you would water the bottom blocks… your drowning your plants… you need a dry area around the trunk… :wink:

Hope I’m making sense… :wink:

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For sure ! I am familiar with the slabs. Wouldn’t this create a salt build up ? Or a nute build up? I was always taught that too watering helps push old stuff out