Plants are coming up on 8 weeks old -when do I switch lights to 12/12

Start at V formed by the original topping. The first leaf stem and growth tip is #1. Continue up the stem until you reach the next stem & growth tip. This is #2. Go another half inch up the stem and cut. This will leave two colas from this branch.
Go to the other side of the V and do the same thing. You will now have a total of four main colas coming from the two top most branches. Plus the ones from the lower remaining branches. If you have two sets of branches (total of four) this will give you 8 main colas. Plus those from any secondary growth you allow to grow.

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ok thank you for clarifying that. That was very helpful. I was worried I will cut off buds but maybe we are not at the point yet? Is it normal to be unwilling to snip these beauties?

The truth is some buds are not worth saving. I go through it every grow. I still leave more than I should. This is a purple kush from a week ago. It is supposed to have eight main colas.

What happened to them. I know they are in there somewhere. I let a lot of secondary branches grow.
She was such a heavy grower I didn’t keep up with the pruning. Also, she is massive underneath and can handle it. As long as the buds get plenty of light and near the canopy I let them go

She has some broad shoulders

Every time you prune a growth tip you are removing future bud sites. But that is why you prune and defoliate at the correct times. Grow fewer, denser, higher quality buds. You will appreciate it even more when you are trimming your harvest. I will take a jar of nice solid buds over a jar of fluffy larf every time.

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I did some cutting today. Check out the results and let me know what you think:

I think they look great. How do you feel about them? Do you think 6-8" came off the top?
Give them a couple days and they will be ready to be put on 12/12 schedule. It usually takes 6 - 9 days for them to make the transition. After that you should start seeing pistils and then buttons. When this starts happening it will be easier to see how and where the buds form. And hopefully see the benefit of what you just did.

Yeah I would say 6 to 8 inches was about what I cut off the tops. Now I got to get the second light hung which means a redo of the filter setup so probably wait until Saturday to do that

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