Plants are all super small after 30 days

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

My last order was the Super Skunk Autos, these have been in soil for 30 days and it’s like I’m growing miniature plants , one of them the leaves do not even have jagged edges and another is a male that’s all of 3 inches tall ??? I germinated 20 and 17 I was able to plant , but they are all super small after 30 days . I can’t imagine that they’ll get too much bigger because one of them is flowering a male already!

Autos can grow small, but it’s possible it’s because of something you’re doing like overwatering, or no nutrients. What kind of lighting are you using? We could also use a few pictures to help with your problem.

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Ok, first, get rid of the male! He has no purpose in this life.

Second, what are you feeding these plants? It looks like nute burn. Also, what is the ph?

Third, they need to be in much bigger pots. I suspect they are rootbound and won’t grow if they can’t grow roots.

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The only thing I gave them was miracle no two days ago because of all the rain , males for .

I’ve got the bigger ones in bigger pots but they are now starting to flower also .


Miracle Grow is not a preferred nutrient, because it is chemical, and not really meant for cannabis. I would recommend something designed to grow cannabis, like Foxfarm, or AN. There is definitely some nute burnon the leaves.

You need to transplant these guys into much bigger pots, like 3-5 gallon pots, then they’ll take off. MJ has a huge root system and they need all that space to grow properly. Also, never put more than one plant per pot.

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This guy looks a little better, what size pot is it in? And are these autos, or photos?

Hey @david81457
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As @raustin said miracle grow is not preferable for herb
I noticed my outdoor plants with out supplemental lighting grew very slow
Autos are generally smaller anyway in addition to poor nutrition and tiny plastic pots are all contributors to your current issues

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All of your smaller seedlings are seriously root bound again as @raustin suggested 3-5 gallon at least
I have a few whitewidow autos in 5 gallon fabric pots outside now
They were very slow to start but are really taking off
Transplant your smaller seedlings to 5 gallon pots asap and try to find a better soil if you can
Once the lady’s are able to stretch their legs they will start taking off

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@david81457 what soil are you using? What ratio of nutes and what water? Any idea of pH?

@david81457, I have the EXACT same issue with my LowRyder auto strain. My biggest girl is only about 5" tall, maybe 4" wide at most and already in pre-bloom. Mine are in 5 gal planters.

June 6

@david81457, I
have the EXACT same issue with my LowRyder auto strain. My biggest girl is
only about 5" tall, maybe 4" wide at most and already in pre-bloom. Mine
are in 5 gal planters.
[image: 20180605_160831]

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or reply to this email to respond. I just did not see a reason to put them
in bigger pots because of the no growth issue , I really think that it’s a
genetic problem, maybe because it’s because they were harvested before they
came to maturity??? I’ve grown a lot of MJ years ago before all of the
cross- breeding and Autos were perfected so I really am a beginner again .
All of the seeds I ever used were much bigger and the sprouts were 10 times
the size of these that I’ve germinated. I’ve now germinated approximately
50 so far and they were all the same , very small , from Autos to feminized
to regular from ilgm . We’re your seeds really small and the sprouts real
small also ? I used miracle grow soil , 3 different types , and I used the
chemical fertilizer just a couple of times recently. I now know these
plants can’t stand that stuff . I really am at a loss if it’s me or the
seeds at this point ? Look at these Autos of Super Skunk , they are
starting to flower at just a month and there only a couple inches tall .
Anyone , please help .

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@david81457, yes they were small, so small I accidently put 2 seeds in one grow cell. Yours look like mine. I have a grow journal if you wanna go check out the pictures.

AYou do not think it’s the seeds ?

These guys still need to be transplanted, they’re rootbound and won’t get any bigger in those tiny pots.