Plants a little ill ideas anyone?

@bob31 Any thoughts Ak47 auto from ilgm plant is 7 weeks old Dr earth POTting soil no nutes 600w led 20-4 lighting cycle. ph tested water with drops 6ish as the scale goes .A little side note i lost power for 4 days roots got real cold 45 F my guess is phosphorus

Ill try and get soon

They do use a lot of phosphorous at this stage of their life.
The cold will bring out purple colors- I don’t know if that is just lights, or an issue in the first pics. You have not given any added nutrition up to this point? They have to be hungry for it…Hopefully some more knowledgeable than I will advice you soon.

@Rexx, did you do any stressing with your Plant, Autoflowers are usually able for a certain amount of stress like you did get when the temperature of the roots zone dropped on you like it did what have you tried so far to fix your lady’s?

@Johnzy81 Well its much warmer here now tent is 70ish and i gave them lower dose of soil nute medusa’s magic from nectar of the gods 2-5-2 hi in P and gaias mania which is 1-5-1. Im going on the idea that its lacking P from all the pics ive seen of leaves that look like mine Hope im right

Well at this stage your Plant is definitely going to be looking for more phosphorus you said previously that there are 7 weeks so at this stage they should be well pre flowers and out of the treemain MPKs p&k are the last two of the newts that will be used so at this stage it definitely would not do any harm in giving it a little of p and maybe even some k or potassium let me know how you get on with this.

Maybe stepping outside of the box a little, but using those drops is pretty inaccurate. They work, but really hard to read. I would look at getting a digital meter.

Anyway, you’re just as easily locked out due to a ph condition. It’s completely possible to have nutrients available, but plant not taking them up from ph range. Feeding when plant won’t consume won’t help much.

Also, that could easily be a cal/mag issue as well. I’d have to go back and check the nectar line, but it’s suppose to be calcium based. Another thing that points to potential uptake issue.


@Rexx I’m with @dbrn32 twisting leaves is likely pH issues. If you can I would recommend upgrading to a meter.

Also I’d like you to consider looking at the feeding charts for your nutrients and follow that. I wouldn’t recommend too much guessing or ish measurements when it comes to giving nutes and checking pH.

Also I have found that some strains of autos need a low dosage of cal-mag (in addition to full nutes) during flowering. AK47 and Blueberry are two in particular that I have found needed cal-mag.

Here are some ideas:

Apera Meter

just ph meter

ph and tds meters

ph up & Down

7.0 calibration fluid



I’em thinking more like HEAT STRESS . what is the height of your light from your plant and what are you using for light ?


Heres some better pics040