Plants 1 and a 1/2 to 2 weeks old from sprout

First time grower here was wanting to see others plants at this stage of life, please send pics and advice for 2nd week of growth so I can compare and know she’s All good. Plus love seeing anyones grows. Help me out people here’s mines


Is she in good shape and growing accordingly or what???


ILGM SSH-Fem from seed or

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Are mine looking normal for 2 weeks???

How many days old r the smallest in ur pics

Grow conditions determine SIZE.

These seedlings in my garden are less than 3 weeks
Garden has only 4-weeks employment.
Seedlings that germinated earliest got moved outdoors from 3/10 to 3/20.
LOST half due to excessive morning and day moisture with too cool temps (38at night).
Brought survivors back into tent.
All survivors have recovered.
Fun pictures and practices
Mis-shaped leaves
Huge leaves
Too many seeds in a cup (impatiently triple seeded a pod)

Best results: INDOORS, LOTS OF LIGHTING, good soil, good water

3 cups with ILGM seeds awaiting emergence seeds a week in soil

Light source distribution pattern.

Always celebrate life

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YOU need a fan
ELSE, start vibrating and lightly shaking plant.

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Got 2 fans not directly on plant do I need to place directly on her???

OSCILLATING FAN does the job.

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Pictured is Fan in tent, ILGM SSHF seedling in cut gal jug with mylar reflector insulation covering roots from fan picture

Yours are doing a lot better than my first attempt. Looking good! :heart_eyes:

I purchased better planting and seedling soils (Locally available).
Those plants are doing great.
current tent has too many plants.
Second tent in the works, this week.
Housekeeping to make room.
I expect to cull plants, reclaim used soil, remix and recharge.
Hopefully timing the gardens to beat the summer heat.


They are right where they need to be. Looks good. welcome to the neighborhood

Too much work done today by the old man. Retirement may kill me yet.

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