Planting Seeds while Plant in Veg

I want to plant some seeds but currently I have one plant in 4 week Veg. HPS600w. I will be switching to MP light for flowering soon. should I wait til harvest before I plant more seeds? I have a grow room 60x60x80 how many more 5 Gal aeration pots with scrogging you think I can fit?

Seedlings will do fine with 12/12. They won’t flower until mature 4-6 weeks. So as long as you’re switching to veg sooner than that, you’re good.


Thanks for this. Let’s see how this goes. I’ll keep you posted.

I plan on switching in 4 weeks. Here is my sour diesel auto thats 4 weeks. Should I just do auto Seeds or mix it up? Will the Light change matter To the seeds


Seeds will be okay.

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HPS lamps are usually used for flowering, although nothing wrong using for veg. MH (metal halide) are only used for veg.

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