Planting photos outdoors this late?

I ordered a pack of seeds from ILGM and they are photos. I am wondering if it is too late in the season to plant outdoors for photos. Will they still produce a decent amount of flowers or is it too late in the year? I also ordered a pack of auto flowers that of course I will be planting outside but the photos I’m not sure of. It won’t freeze here until late November mid December so I’m thinking I have enough time but I was wondering what some of you think? Thanks

120 days till the end of October its doable

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I’m not sure where you are but, in my zone there’s about a month of veg time left before plants start flowering. Plenty of time to start photos or autos.


Thanks guy’s! I’m going to do both and was really just wondering if I had enough time to get in a decent yield. Hopefully so! Happy growing fellas!

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