Planting my seedlings

I keep one of these in both my tents for seedlings…

One of what?

I might have to use an electric heater at some point too. Here’s a thought. If you need the heat at night, switch your light cycle to be on at night and that will generate some heat in the tent when you need it most.

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HLG 100 V2 4000k that you mnetioned early on…

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Is that the small one you had hanging below your bigger lights?

It seems right now to be keeping it warm enough. I think I’m just a bit nervous because it’s my first grow.

Yes, I have one in the 3x3 and 2x4. They are great little seedling and early veg lights. They keep the stretch under control and nice tight early node spacing. And push dynamic root growth.

9 day Rosette Stone under one in the 2x4 21" off the top of the coco…

Same plant at 8 days roots.


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Ok gentlemen as she gets a little older, what should I be looking for to know if she’s getting close. I know it might still be awhile but I’d like to know what to keep an eye out for.

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The white hairs will turn brown and recede back towards the calyx. When most of them have done this you’ll start checking trichs.

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Today is feeding day but before I do, she’s starting to look a little off to me. Any suggestions?

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Looks hungry. What your runoff numbers been?

I don’t have them handy right now but will get them when I feed her later. She just had regular water last round so she’s getting nutes this time.

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:sunglasses: sounds :+1:

Just finished taking care of her. She weighed 9# before and 14# after. My numbers today were

PPM in 995
PH in 6.5

PPM out 1500
PH out 5.4

Need to bring the ph up lil. You want to be around 6.7. I’d feed in a little higher ph and keep an eye on the runoff.

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Thanks I’ll raise that ph next watering. Should be in a few days. Seems to be running every 3 days.

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Sounds about right. I wish mine wl were still every 3 days. I mixed too much perlite in my soil i think so I’m watering every other day now. Live n learn!

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I could actually go to every 2. I should probably weigh her in a couple days to see.

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Ok here’s a dumb question. Does the temperature of the water matter?

Regular room temp water is what I prefer, but outta the hose it’s a bit cooler than that. I just wouldn’t put ice water or boiling water in there.

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