Planting more seeds

How bad is it to have plants a couple days behind each other?

I have four seeds that have had 18 hours of soaking, then have been in a moist towel since 8am. Seems that I would have plenty of room for six. I’m trying to figure the best way to add the two. Either I can start soaking them or just pop them in soil as is and go ahead and throw them under the light. Maybe they’ll pop out the same time the others do?

Honestly one day won’t make much of a difference… Soak them and do everything you normally do.

I have seedlings 2 weeks apart from eachother one strain is 2 weeks older and I just germed 2 other strains 2 days ago. Its not a huge difference as long as you keep up on the schedule or if there going outside and inside. The earlier ones are going outside and the ones I just germed are going inside. With a few going outdoors as well

@Dieselgrow1031 Thanks for the info! This is my first grow and I expanded my grow space at the last minute. I ended up doing an experiment just tossing them in the grow medium without germing first. Just want to see if I’ll have the same success and see how fast they pop out. I’m thinking that they’ll germinate faster in the soil and hopefully pop out at the same time the first ones do. I’ll be putting them in soil tomorrow depending on the tap root.

They germ fast af in a paper towel usually 1 to 2 days and most of mine pop. But yours are so close together it won’t matter

I have one 5 days apart and two 1.5 weeks apart from my oldest two…first grow so hoping it doesnt matter ha!

The 1.5 week will be further along obviously so it will be a bit bigger once you get them all vegging and on a cycle they should be fine

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@Dieselgrow1031 yeah you can definitely see the age difference in looks …all 5 are autos so kinda hoping they just do their thing ha

I dont grow autos lol yeah if your doing autos 1.5 ahead it will do its own thing. You could have that into flower and your others into veg and it can be all over I dont like autos I like photos but thats just my preference

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It’s my first go at this…went for em cuz ilgm said they were easier…kinda wishin I woulda just got reg or fem and definitely will next go

The thing about autos its like lighting a fuse. If you mess up or stunt them they are still on a timer. With photos you can recover and you can fix them and control them. Better then when you are ready and happy with their size and progress you can switch them to flower and they all flower together. In the same week same schedule. And not have 2 plants in week 2 of flower and 2 in week 3 of flower and so on. I like photos for the control of it. Autos are faster and smaller but I’m patient I like to take my time make them. Top them Big and wide scrog them out inside. Outside I top and spread them out and get them huge before they start to flower.

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I imagine that I would eventually grow mostly photoperiods. I chose autos first just because I’m primarily doing this to be self sustaining. So trying to get in stock is my first priority, and I would be too impatient with photoperiods in the beginning. Once I have enough on standby to last me a while more than a grow or so, I’ll start growing more out of a hobby. I’m hoping to bring in quite a bit of yield growing 6 autos at a time.

If just starting out you can use photos to get your watering and feeding down. Getting the basics helps that was if you do choose autos you have every thing down so you don’t stunt the plant or overwater or nuke the plants or mess them up that way once you light that fuse its easy sailing all the way through and you don’t have to deal with deficiencys and stuff

I had plants that were almost 6 weeks apart last grow. I flipped to 12/12 when the younger ones showed their sex, and around 9 weeks later, they all died together. Buds were about the same, some plants were just small.