Planting marigolds with outside plants

Has anyone done this and found it beneficial?
There are all sorts of claims that the repel aphids
Thrips , white flies ,rabbits etc. I am going to give it a try For such a small investment I figure it can’t hurt


Marigolds are a great companion plant
I also planted mint in with my cannabis plants as it also repels all kinds of bugs too

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I also started marigolds in my green house when it was pretty cold out and they didn’t make it
But they are great lil flowers and some are edible

Thanks for the mint idea, I will look into planting it, willing to try anything to keep the chemicals off and the bugs away! I added a large lavender plant to the corner of my garden supposedly it helps repel the flying kinds of insects

It does my lavender, I put a couple bugs on it and they ran from it , real trip.
I also went the same direction as you I did research on everything that repells aphids
I planted cat nip as it repells all kinds of jerks
Though my cilantro and dill , which were supposed to be serious aphid repellents did nothing but attract them to my garden
Nothing came near the catnip , a couple aphids gave the mint a try but it killed em and my basil was the gnarliest bug repellent of them all

I also planted camomile, it is not growing so well in this desert heat but no bugs even grow near it