Planting in NY, enough time from now?


A question from a fellow grower:

Do I have enough time to grow from seeds outdoors now ? June ?


The short answer is yes. I’ve grown in Maine starting in late June and got them harvested before first frost.


Stick with an indica dominant. Sativas, in general, take longer to flower. Better get 'em started now!


The Super Skunk I’ve been harvesting is taking 54–57 days for tricomes to start going amber.


Good job guys! :smile:
Anytime you want to judge grow season left in a year; Check with your county agent, and ask him; “What is the latest I can expect to grow Tomato?” From that date backup 4 months for Indica, and 5-6 months for Sativa. This would equate to the latest you can start plants for outdoor growing.


Last year, I planted my seeds outdoors the beginning of July directly in the soil. They did really well and the harvest was in early October. I live in southwest Virginia. I think you have plenty of time if you start now.


I cannot seem to start my own topic so maybe you guys can help easily here. I won’t have seeds germinated till about late August, do you think it would be too late to plant in NY then?

I will be planting Super Skunk Autoflowering.

Thanks for all the input.


Yes. I think it will get too cold before you can harvest an Outdoor grow.


I agree,I’m in NY also. June 1st to July 1st work really well for me,but I’m think you could start a few weeks latter.


Well my friends; It is snowing. How are you Northerners doing?