Planting in northern US

A question from a fellow grower:

how late can I plant outdoors in the northern U.S. and still have enough time for full growth.

The best advice for Northern zone climate growers is to; Follow the grow window schedule for Tomato’s, and adjust your schedule to that.

Better get going! :slight_smile:

I am also late putting out my starts in Eastern Wa because I had a problem with damping off. Will I have enough time to grow Blueberry this year and still get a harvest?

im no expert, but regular plants may be to late. You still should get some growth, but smaller plants and a smaller yield would be my guess. I am working with some plants in the ground and they are not growing as quickly as my potted plants…strange right.
so even thou the plants will be smaller they should still get some flowers

i live in nh. the rule of thumb is memorial day weekend for planting. its past frost with 3 months of hot heat.